Best Multiplayer Game: Super Mario Party Vs. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate [Debate]

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2018 was a great year for gamers. Nintendo especially spoiled us at the end of the year with quite a few games. Two of those games being popular multiplayers – Super Mario Party and Super Smash Brother Ultimate. The question is, which is a better multiplayer?

Both the Mario Party and Smash Bros. franchises started off on the Nintendo 64 and probably have been the result of much yelling and backstabbing fun among friends and family. While I’ve greatly enjoyed both games, my pick for the better multiplayer would be Super Mario Party. A big reason for that is the accessibility for non-gamers and casual gamers alike to join right in. We have a friend who loves the game whenever we bring our Switch over to her place, even though she’s not a gamer herself. Smash Brothers Ultimate was definitely a learning curve when she gave it a try, and she was much more at ease when we played Super Mario Party later.

Sure, Super Mario Party may be easier and slightly more casual for everyone to jump right in, but do you typically have game nights with friends who are “non-gamers?” If you’re going to have play a game with a group, my pick would be Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Speaking of having game nights, Smash allows up to eight players at a time, whereas only four people can play Super Mario Party at a time. Smash takes a few minutes so others aren’t wait long for a turn while Super Mario Party takes at least an hour.

For Smash, it depends on the mode, your personal rules, and the skill of people playing. If you decide to do a stock match among eight players, those who get lost in the chaos — not to mention potential lag from dropped frames with everyone attacking each other — and get out of the match early will have to sit and wait anyway. With Super Mario Party, half of the game is luck, giving everyone playing even footing right from the get-go. Even if the traditional Mario Party game takes at least an hour, I assume you’re committing some time to hang out with said friends and won’t mind waiting and watching other people’s turns. After all, despite the luck, Super Mario Party takes some strategy too, and your friends’ turns may affect your character.

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The lag is really just in the online mode. Despite that, the online mode for Smash is better than Mario Party anyway. There’s so much more you can do. But Smash is faced paced and it doesn’t matter if people get out of the match early. They’re still not waiting too long for the next match. Speaking of the modes, there’s a whole lot more you can do in Smash. You can customize games to everyone’s liking and even set up challenges for yourself. Super Mario Party has only a handful of modes and you have to play by the rules no matter what.

There are more modes in Smash, one of the biggest ones which is only single-player. While I enjoy World of Light, I would have loved a co-op mode for it. As for the online mode, we haven’t heard too many great things about it. What’s the point of being able to fight online if the lag is awful? Yes, you can do more challenges in Smash, but with Super Mario Party it’s simple to just play. Pick your character, pick the mode, and buckle up for the ride. The modes in Super Mario Party may be few, but they are diverse — co-op, music and rhythm, traditional boards, and mini games.

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Despite your points, I still think Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is the better multiplayer game. It’s quick and easy to pick up, fun to button-mash, and great with a large group of friends. There’s always something new to try as well. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate definitely has my vote.

Super Mario Party is arguably even easier to pick up to play, with great mini games incorporated into the bigger modes, and brings everyone together with it’s simple premise, even with the strategy and luck that goes with it. While you brought up fantastic points for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, I’m going to go with Super Mario Party.

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. Kris, you makes some valid points about accessibility. In certain cases, Super Mario Party would probably be the better choice. But when it comes to what I would choose as being the better multiplayer game, I’m going Smash Bros. Ultimate. The heavy emphasis of chance in Mario Party’s core game design is unavoidable and very much not for me. The real possibility of winning every mini game in a Mario Party match but losing the game because the computer gave other players extra stars because of our friend RNGesus is causing my blood to boil as I write this.
    Meanwhile, the Smash Bros. games can crank up the randomness for casual play with wacky stages and items, or tuned all the way down for hyper-competitive play. I agree with you Kris in that it’s going to be a bumpy ride for entry-level players, but it will scale much better for everyone else.
    Voting #teamrachel this time.

  2. I very much agree with the point of ‘the skill of the people playing’ when it comes to Smash. Whether it’s my less-gamy friends or ones who play a lot, of people who are less familiar with Smash are playing with veterans, there’s going to be a mismatch that may be less that fun for the underdogs. If everyone is of a similar skill level, then I’d go with Smash every time. If not, then Mario Party gives a somewhat more level playing field.

    • Despite going against my own points, I do agree with this. We tried playing Smash with one of our friends and she didn’t like the game at all. It was too confusing and too much for her.

      • There’s a lot to be said for knowing your audience with this. I wouldn’t bring out anything too heavy with my none gamer friends, but something like Jackbox is always a winner.

        • Jackbox is fun, I agree. We thought our friend might enjoy the button-mashing of Smash but there was just too much going on the screen for her, that she didn’t get into it. So we’re sticking with Super Mario Party and Mario Bros U Deluxe. 🙂

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