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Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday! The weekend is almost here!
Have you ever gotten so into a game that you just couldn’t put it down? You just had to play it all day and all night until it was completed?
I’ve always just played video games for a few hours at a time, or only do a couple of levels depending on how long or short they were. Every once in a while, however, you come across a great game that you just get so into you and you can’t seem to power it off to go take a shower.
If I’m remembering correctly, the fastest game I’ve ever beaten was Pokemon X. I got it for Christmas in 2013, as it was released for the Nintendo 3DS in October 2013.
Kris and I were very excited to start playing it as there was so much hype for the games. And rightfully so, may I add.
Once our family left that afternoon, we both made ourselves a cup of coffee (for me) and tea (for Kris), got into our pajamas and sat on the couch in our office and just played the game straight through.
I believe it was around midnight when we decided to stop playing.
Every year, Kris and I always spend December 26th in our pajamas playing the new video games we got for Christmas. But, that year, Kris was still working in retail and she, unfortunately, had to work on the 26th.
We both woke up super early and continued our games. I continued playing all day even while Kris was at work. I beat the game that night, completing it in just a little over 24 hours. Kris beat the game the following morning.
It always great when you have the opportunity to just sit down and play video games for hours on end. It’s something I would like to set aside time for now and again, but life does keep me pretty busy.
I haven’t binge played a game like that in a while, though I do hope that Pokemon Sun and Moon have the same effect for me. I also hope that the new Ace Attorney game has the same effect for me.
There are so many good games coming out (or are already out and I just haven’t gotten them yet) that I wish I could buy with money I don’t have and play it all day long with my free time that I also don’t have.
Oh, well. If the game is good, I’ll find the time for it.
What games have you played through in just about one sitting? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. If a game is short enough, like some indie games, I can and do beat them in one sitting. For most longer games, it takes me much longer. I do make an exception for story-based games like Ace Attorney and Zero Escape. I absolutely get through them asap even if they’re long games. For me, it’s like reading a good book and wanting to just get to the end because I’m so hooked by the story!

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