Breath of the NES
A creative Zelda fan going by WinterDrake had recently put up a demo version of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s 2D prototype, enabling other fans to play it. Unsurprising, Nintendo had shut it down citing copyright infringement, but not before we downloaded the demo to try it out ourselves!


The beginning of it all.

The demo itself is reminiscent to the original Legend of Zelda graphics-wise, but it keeps plenty of aspects of Breath of the Wild, such as the physics, the cooking, and the open world.
We started off in a little cave with only a shield and a sword, as well as a heart container that wasn’t accessible (yet), and a fireplace (which Kris promptly set herself ablaze with). Going outside of the cave immediately gave us the choice as to where to go next. East was a beach-like area while south had a cemetery teeming with ghosts. Northwest was a cave with skeleton monsters (which, despite her flailing, Rachel defeated very bravely) and, upon defeating “the boss,” gave us another weapon to grant more options of exploration and fighting.

The inventory screen, showing off some baked apples after we had hurled them into the fire.

Also like Breath of the Wild, there wasn’t much in the way of music — no memorial orchestra scores or little magical tunes via ocarina or harp. It was very quiet except for the battle sound effects and the satisfying sounds of Link’s footsteps in the grass. There wasn’t any warning sounds when we were down to our last heart.
Still, it was a great little demo and was a fun take on Breath of the Wild. We’re aiming on exploring more of it and probably putting up more fun screenshots on a few of our other social media sites.

Discovering we could burn the forest down, and having too much fun with that power.

Were you able to play the demo of Breath of the NES before it was taken down? Do you think you would have enjoyed it?

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  1. As much as it burns me when Nintendo shuts down a fan project, I totally understand them needing to protect their intellectual property. That being said, I think these developers who make these projects need to be more careful while the software is in development so it can actually reach a decent release candidate but it gets nerfed.
    Another Metroid 2 Remake is a good example of how to do this – Nintendo shut it down, but not before it spread like wildfire!

    • Oh, I definitely understand the copyright issues. Still, seeing how dedicated some fans are with these projects is amazing to me. It’s a shame there’s not sort of compromise on these kind of things.
      Remember the latest fanmade Pokemon game? The title is slipping my mind at the moment, but I know how much controversy that had caused.

      • Ah yes, I think you’re talking about Pokemon Uranium. I did play it for a little bit! 🙂
        It’s incredible how people can turn these high quality games out in their spare time. On the upside, these people will have a great career in game development, so it’s not like it’s a waste of time!

        • I knew the name reminded me of a planet, haha! How was it? We were a little disappointed we missed out on it, but from what we’ve seen, it looked fantastic.
          Isn’t it, though? I hope these people keep going with their talents. I believe that’s what WinterDrake is planning on — they were expecting the demo to get shut down, but still wanted the feedback for whatever they’re planning down the road.

  2. It looks cute! We finally got our hands on a Switch a week or two ago and my husband has been LOVING BOTW.

    • Isn’t the game fantastic?! It’s so pretty, haha! I have to get back into that. We have one more Divine Beast to go, but over half of the shrines to uncover as well. Who knows what other secrets we need to find, too!

  3. BotW is amazing, but I started with NES Zelda back in the 80s. I’m old now. I love how the BotW team took inspiration from that original Zelda to tap into what made that series so special in the first place.

    • The oldest, year-wise, Zelda game I’ve played is probably Link to the Past. I’ve seen playthroughs of the first and a touch of the second Zelda games, so Breath of the NES was definitely interesting to play around in. Breath of the Wild itself is a treasure trove of throwbacks from past Zelda games, and I love it! Glad you have such a good history with the franchise! 🙂

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