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In between a few other games, we’ve been really focusing on finishing the story of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch. At this point, we’ve freed all the Divine Beasts and Champions, and are kind of just wandering around and exploring while trying to find more shrines and complete more side quests. We’re still in love with the game!

I don’t understand how most people beat the story so quickly. There’s so much to do and we want to do it all before we officially beat the game! Well… we probably won’t get to everything, but it’s nice to try.

Definitely! We’re currently just running around with the Sheikah Sensor tracking treasure chests. Not only are those things all over the place, but it’s bringing us to nooks and crannies that we hadn’t visited yet. The exploration in this open world is amazing, and one of my favorite aspects about it is the nods to other Zelda games. The Temple of Time, the remains of Hyrule Castle Town, Arbiter’s Grounds in the desert, a child telling stories of people who used to live in the sky… It’s endless.

It really amazes me how they created this map and everything it holds.We found another shrine just last night that looked like it was decent ways away, but it ended up being much farther than we anticipated. The overall world is just beautiful (despite half of it being destroyed).

The nature of the world is just gorgeous. Speaking of the world, I adore how every NPC has a name. We’ve seen NPCs get into trouble, fight monsters on their own, plead with you not to jump if you’re standing on the edge of a bridge, and seem to have their own agendas outside of being static characters for the hero to interact with. That kind of touch really enriches the story for me.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I agree. Each and every character has a purpose. Though I have to say, my favorite part of the game is the memories. I loved going on a scavenger hunt in such a big map to explore new areas all while piecing together the story.

The memories were a lot of fun! Piecing together the story of what happened 100 years ago while Link was sleeping, then connecting the memories to events in the present day was a fantastic way to keep us engaged in the story while gallivanting off to every corner of the map.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I developed lots of feelings for all the main characters; Zelda and all the Champions. The story is actually quite sad, but it’s engaging and they didn’t a fantastic job.

What were some of your favorite aspects about Breath of the Wild? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The world in this game was so beautiful, and so carefully crafted! The wide open spaces of luscious meadows, the bright but muted color tones, the constant sense of discovery, the gentle scenes of nature existing in tranquility… it all felt very Miyazaki, like I was running around inside the world of Princess Mononoke. Everything came together in a way that made the world feel real and alive, and like you, I just wanted to live in that world and not rush through the story and beat it!

    • I fell in love with the graphics from the first image that we were teased way back when the game was first announced! It’s definitely difficult to not want to rush the story but we also really want to see the story’s end, haha!
      Did you beat the story yet? Without any spoilers, and aside from the graphics, what was your favorite part?

      • Hmmmmm, that’s a hard question! I think that the overall intrigue built by the world was my favorite part. There was so much packed in there, yet most of it had no explanation. So you ended up stumbling upon ruins or some cool feature, and really wondering what happened there, and what things might have been like before everything went wrong. I felt there was a story behind every rock and tree, and that made exploring the world even more enjoyable.
        And yeah, I beat the story. You’ll have to let me know what you think when you get there!

        • You really can’t beat the exploration in this game! I just loved seeing the nods to the other games, like Twilight Princess with Arbiter’s Grounds, the ruins of Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule Castle town, and Epona’s theme playing at every stable, to name a few. Even the names of landmarks and landscapes gave nods to characters and areas in previous games.
          We’re so close to beating the story! Really, we just have to storm the castle, but we keep getting distracted by exploring, haha!

  2. I loved simply exploring in BotW! There are so many different aspects to like such as the shrines, dungeons, and memories, but if I had to pick one, it’s just traveling around the world and discovering new things. BotW is a game that truly makes me curious about everything about me, and I love it.

    • Traveling is just amazing! I love paragliding all over the place, especially if you combine Revali’s Gale and a couple of stamina wheels, but I also enjoyed just taking a horse and wandering around the pathways. <3

  3. I refused to finish the game until I had found all shrines. I just wanted to spend more time in that beautiful world!

    • We’re going back and forth with that decision, haha! We have more than half of the shrines, but we’re also itching for the rest of the story. There’s still plenty to explore, of course, so we’re not complaining!

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