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A couple months ago we played Cards Against Humanities for the first time with a few friends. The game was certainly interesting. You definitely need the right group of people to play it with. When we heard about Cards Against Muggles, a Harry Potter version of the game, our friend jumped right on it. Well, after waiting for the game to arrive for three months, it finally came and we played it together.

The right group of people and the right… mindset to play the games are needed. If you’ve never played Cards Against Humanities, it’s a fill-in-the-blank game that is generally rated R. One player draws a scenario card and the other players use their cards to respond to the scenario card. The player who drew the scenario card shuffles and chooses which response card fits the scenario best, and whichever player put down the winning response card gets a point.

Which response fits the best or is the funniest… half the time they don’t make sense because they’re completely randomized. The black cards are the scenario cards and the white cards are what you’d choose to go along with it. You only have five white cards in your hand at a time. A lot of times it doesn’t make sense, but it’s more fun in a way that way. Cards Against Humanities is similar to Apples to Apples, if you’ve ever played that. Cards Against Muggles is – more or less – a dirty version of Harry Potter.

Yes, it was quite interesting. We got many ideas about Harry Potter characters and their universe that we otherwise wouldn’t have without the help of these cards. It was just Rachel and me playing with our friend and, while all three of us love Harry Potter and we had a great time, it probably would have been more amusing with more people. That, and some of the white cards were repeats. Considering how many cards we had and how little people were playing, to see repeats in our game was a little off.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, this is definitely a game you’d want to play with many people. I think the recommended group is at least four and we only had three. We’d love to play this game again with a larger crowd and we might soon enough. Some of the white cards were repeats and which we didn’t make a dent in the deck, there weren’t many people or characters. A lot of the black cards would have made sense if we put down a person and none of us ever really had any character cards.

It’s definitely a chance game and it can be a great icebreaker, as it’s not a serious game at all. There could have been more variety in the cards so there weren’t any repeats with such a small game (and, of course, the cards could have come in a more timely manner from the company), but it was fun with a few close friends, ones that have a similar sense of humor with you. If you get a chance and you don’t mind a game that proves how dirty your mind can be, give it a try.

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