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Something we’ve been meaning to do for a while, that we finally did, was take stock of the video games we have. Between the consoles, handhelds, and PC, we have so many games and too many to keep track of. I wanted a list where we could remind ourselves of what we have, what we’ve played, and what we’ve reviewed. We finally got around to it and it took longer than I thought it would.

It took a shorter amount of time than I thought it would, haha. We have a few shelves of our physical games in the closet of the den where we keep our consoles. Rachel typed up the titles while I shouted them out. There were quite a few that baffled us, wondering why we had the games or when we had gotten them. A couple of Xbox One games were on the shelves, for example, that apparently an old friend had given to me within the past year. It made me question whether or not we accidentally stole them.

I don’t think we stole those. You guys were talking about them and I think he gave them to you to try. Whether it was to keep or to borrow, I have no idea. We also went through all the handheld games we have too. Each of us has a bucket filled with the small cartridges. We dumped them out and took stock of them all… even the Rugrats Gameboy Color games.

We have a lot of really old Gameboy Color games, some of them making us laugh, such as Nickelodeon’s Rugrats games and too many games related to the Disney franchise which were definitely just money-making games. Seriously, we have about three different games based on Disney’s Tarzan for different systems. Aside from those, there were also games that were still shrink-wrapped.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Shrink-wrapped games included some Wii U games. We had bought them before the Switch came out because we realized we didn’t have that many Wii U games. Then the Switch came out and we never got the chance to play them. Then we looked at the games we have on our PC, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. Expanding our PC game collection is something I want to do.

I’d still like to play those Wii U games someday, but our gamepad for that system does not last without being on the charging stand any longer. We have a few regular controllers, but a couple had to be tossed because of corroding batteries. One day those games shall be opened and played! Our PC game library isn’t too bad at all, definitely one of the smallest libraries in our collection, though. Still, they’ve had some of my favorite games from last year on them.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We have quite the collection of games that just keeps on growing. We have a good amount of digital games as well. We even turned on the Wii and Wii U to see what we had for the virtual console games. I wonder how much money it would all equal out to… but at least we have the list now. Now we just need to remember to keep it updated!

We still have to finish up the list. While we have everything cataloged, our next step is to determine what’s been played and what’s been reviewed on here, if it’s going to be reviewed at all. Having to keep up with a list of video games by playing them isn’t the worst chore!

Do you keep a list of your games? How do you keep track of what you’ve played already? Let us know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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  1. I like keeping track as well, I use grouvee, it’s a site where you can add games to different lists such as “owned” “wish list” “played” etc. I find it really helpful so I can check quickly without having to sort through my games physically 🙂

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