Friday Favorites: Game Theories

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The Game Theorists is one of Rachel’s and my favorite YouTube channels. The channel does its best to solve or prove these theories about video games with real-world math and science. While some of the more technical terms can go over our heads, it’s always fascinating to see and hear some video game aspects being explained in a way that could work in reality. This list showcases some of my favorites.


Game Theory: Luigi is the Richest Man in Mushroom Kingdom

Calculating the money and coins found in the Mushroom Kingdom, Game Theory speculates whether or not Luigi is the richest man in his fictional world, especially due to his mansion won in Luigi’s Mansion.

Culture Shock: Peach is a Goddess

Aside from game theories, the channel also hosts Culture Shock, where one of the team members delves into the history and culture that may have inspired certain parts of video games. One of my favorites is where he details how Peach may actually be a goddess rather than a mere princess of her kingdom. (As a side note, there is also a video speculating that Bowser is a god, which brings about a new dynamic to the Bowser and Peach relationship.)

Game Theory: The Pokedex is Full of Lies

Anyone who’s played Pokemon knows the Pokedex entries, the descriptions that give a little insight to the Pokemon species’ habits, behavior, what-have-you. Yet, there have been plenty of entries that are a little weird or even creepy. This particular episode of Game Theory debunks the entry for Gardevoir.

Do you watch the Game Theorists channel? What are some of your favorite videos from them?

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Where Exactly Do The Ultra Wormholes Lead To? [Pokemon]

Happy Tuesday!

I’ve officially beaten Pokemon Ultra Sun and I’m currently working on filling my Pokedex. This will be the game I 100% the dex, I can feel it!

I started overthinking of the main story points though and now I can’t seem to get that thought out of my head.

The Ultra Wormholes are portals to other dimensions — or maybe it’s just one other dimension? In Pokemon Sun and Moon you’re able to travel to this other dimension and catch Ultra Beasts. There’s not much to it though. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, they expanded on the Ultra Wormhole idea and created Ultra Megalopolis.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, there are four types of Ultra Wormholes. Type one being the most common and type four being the most rare. Or, you have to travel farther to get to it, I mean.

There are also different colors. White lead to Ultra Beasts, Blue leads you to a waterfall where you can catch certain Pokemon. Red is a cliffside, green is a field, and yellow is a cave. Each color, other than white, has a set of five Pokemon that can spawn and you can catch. Each color has its own legendary Pokemon as well.

Sounds cool, right? Yeah, it is. But what I want to know is where exactly these wormholes lead to.

Ultra Megalopolis is a place that’s out of this world. We know this because the Ultra Recon Squad resides there and are completely unfamiliar with Alola’s customs. So, I think it’s safe to assume these people aren’t from Kanto or Sinnoh or any other Pokemon region.

They dress different, they speak differently, and they don’t understand Pokemon and battling.

I think it’s safe to say that they’re “aliens” and live in a different dimension or world completely aside from our own.

And in addition to that, the Ultra Beasts are super Pokemon (for lack of a better way to describe them). They have types and moves like Pokemon, though they’re less tame. They can be captured in balls, but only in the beast balls. Not the Pokeballs. So, they can’t be caught like normal Pokemon and they’re not even called Pokemon, they’re called Ultra Beasts.

To sum this up, we know that Ultra Beasts are only similar to Pokemon, but not actually considered Pokemon, and also that the people who reside there have no clue what’s going on in Alola or Earth itself, plus you have to go through a special portal to get to their world. Are you with me so far?

So, why then, are we able to encounter our Pokemon in the Ultra Wormholes?

For example, I went through a yellow wormhole and found myself in a cave. What did I find in that cave? A Crustle from the Unova region.

Why is Crustle in an alien dimension?

You can come across Pokemon as common as Floatzel, Audino, and Swellow. Each color homes five different Pokemon across the many regions.

Why are we able to encounter and capture Pokemon from Earth through these other dimensions, if these areas are clearly not on Earth? How did these Pokemon make their home in these wormholes?

The legendary Pokemon I can kind of see… they’re legendary, like “myths” almost. You rarely see them, so where are they hiding all this time? Maybe they have the power to go through the Ultra Wormholes.

Kris mentioned the wormholes may just be portals to other regions, but I find that fishy as well.

One, because once you go through a wormhole, you’re in a small room with a single Pokemon to encounter. You can’t go anywhere else other than to go back out through the wormhole to get home.

Two, because each wormhole has five Pokemon you can encounter that are from different regions. For example, through the red wormhole, you can find Swellow (Hoenn), Altaria (Hoenn), Yanmega (Sinnoh), Sigilyph (Unova), and Swanna (Unova). Plus, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, who are all from Kanto.

Three, that would suggest magic exists in the Pokemon world. I consider portals to go under the “magic” category. Pokemon is magical to us, yes, but every single people you talk to in Pokemon games are talking about Pokemon. It’s their life, it’s all they know. Pokemon is not magic to them, they’re like wild animals or pets similar to dogs and squirrels for us.

Does this make sense? Am I overthinking things? I just don’t understand why Pokemon such as Magcargo would reside in an Ultra Wormhole. Where exactly are we going when we go through an Ultra Wormhole?

What exactly do you think the Ultra Wormholes are? What are your thoughts on my thoughts? Am I making any sense? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to have a discussion on this!

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