Handicaps in Video Games

Has anyone played Moving Out? Released last year for the major consoles, Moving Out is a cooperative moving simulation game Rachel and I have played a bit of it with our cousins. It was lots of fun and totally ridiculous. Moving Out has you working together to move furniture from a house to a moving […]

For the Love of Supports

Happy Monday everyone! A couple of my favorite genres of video games are RPGs and strategy games, particularly ones with multiple classes for your characters. Trying to figure out the best combination and the best attacks for said characters is a fun addition to the gameplay, even if not all of the attacks deal physical […]

Play for the Story, Not the Game

Happy Monday everyone! The narrative and storytelling techniques in video games are generally a big factor in whether or not I enjoy said video games. In fact, there are definitely some games where I enjoy the story more than the gameplay itself.  I am a writer. Not just of blog posts, but also of stories, […]

Preferred Gender Tropes

Happy Monday, everyone! Have you ever noticed if the gender of the protagonist effects the game? Perhaps one gender has better stats or different powers or something as simple as clothing options? Many games, particularly RPGs, allow the player to choose between playing a male or a female protagonist. While most games tend not to […]

Rule of Three

Happy Monday, everyone! Video games, like movies and novels, love to employ tropes — for the characters, the settings, the plot and story — because they have proven time and again that they work well. The Rule of Three is another such trope that, when done well, can keep us spellbound when playing a game. […]