To Be In Control

Happy Monday, everyone! I apologize for no solo posts last week. This whole virus nonsense has been throwing many people — myself included — for a loop, particularly where my day job is concerned. Diving into video games has been my go-to coping method. When Rachel and I decided to do a themed month of […]

Stuff Happens [Card/Board Game Review]

Stuff Happens is a simple enough card game that we picked up on a whim while on a weekend getaway with a friend. It took us months to eventually play it, but we had a great time with our friends when we did so! Honestly, I thought Stuff Happens was kind of like Cards Against […]

Friday Favorites: Harvest Moon Games

Happy Friday everyone! The Harvest Moon series — rather, Story of Seasons as it’s called now — was probably my first dip into the simulation video game genre. While I’ve definitely turned my attention more towards Stardew Valley than this series, plenty of Harvest Moon games still hold a special place in my heart. Animal […]

Journey to Pokemon Home

Happy Monday, everyone! I finally got Pokemon Home and gave it a whirl over this weekend. My first main experiment was to see how many Pokemon from some of my old favorite teams could go to the Galar region! Right before the weekend, I finally got Pokemon Home. It’s been out for about three weeks […]

Flashback Friday: Wii Sports

Happy Friday, everyone! February is pretty much done. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of a month with all sorts of life stuff happening to disrupt our regular routines. We’re looking forward to the next month and seeing what it brings! Wii Sports was bundled along with the Wii console way back in 2006, […]

My Thoughts on Cindered Shadows

Happy Monday, everyone! While I really didn’t need an excuse to get back into playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the Cindered Shadows DLC was a great reason to turn the game on again. And, honestly, I wouldn’t mind more DLC like this for the game! The Cindered Shadows DLC came out for Fire Emblem: Three […]

Friday Favorites: Bug-Type Pokemon

Happy Friday everyone! Bug-type Pokemon are few and far in between on my teams throughout the eight generations of the series. However, the Galar region did reignite my interest in this type! Ninjask When I discovered Ninjask in the third Pokemon generation, I pretty much added it to my team because it was classified as […]

Harry Potter D&D

Happy Monday, everyone! Playing Dungeons & Dragons has opened up a new world for me. I’m always excited to play with our group and am routinely disappointed when the time comes for a session to end. Thankfully, Rachel and I have a couple of friends who indulged us in giving D&D a try with a […]

Fanart Friday: Applin Valentine

Happy Friday! Also, happy valentine’s day! I hope your day is filled with good vibes and even better chocolate. Who else is looking forward to chocolate being on sale tomorrow? “There’s a rumor that if you give the one you like an Applin, you’ll be together forever!” Applin is one of the cutest designed Pokemon […]

Splurging on New Games

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s always difficult to figure out which games to buy and when. Sticking to a budget with this hobby isn’t easy, even with gift cards! We all know gaming is an expensive hobby. Generally, when we receive gift cards, they’re already spent due to our list of games that we want. I […]