Friday Favorites: Zelda Games I Need To Play

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

Going through our list of video games and keeping an eye out on our release date calendar, I’m acutely reminded that there are so many video games and so little time to enjoy them all. Despite the Legend of Zelda franchise being one of my favorites, there are quite a few games that I haven’t played through.

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Cadence of Hyrule

While this may be considered old news, it’s still a game on our radar to play. I’ll admit, I’m not that great with rhythm games but the fact that there is a Legend of Zelda twist to this game made me curious about it. I haven’t heard anything bad about the game (not yet, anyway) so it’s on the list to try.

Link’s Awakening

Yes, I know, the remake is coming out in a week and we already have it on pre-order thanks to Rachel’s birthday from the beginning of the month, so no worries there. With that said, this doesn’t hold as much nostalgia for me as it does for others, despite the fact that I have the Gameboy game. Link’s Awakening on the Nintendo Switch will essentially be my first playthrough through that world!

A Link Between Worlds

Ah, yeah, I haven’t played this one yet either. I’ve had the game since it came out, but I prefer the Legend of Zelda games on the consoles to the ones on the handhelds. Unfortunately, Link Between Worlds wasn’t a priority on my list, despite all of the rave reviews for it. I’ll rectify that mistake at some point.

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

 It’s been quite a while since I’ve played these games, mostly due to the fact that they were for the Gameboy Color and my Gameboy has been lost since our basement flooded eons ago. I remember enjoying the two games, even getting decently far in Oracle of Ages, but I didn’t play enough to beat the games. If I could find a decent emulator for the games — or, better yet, a working Gameboy — I would love to give these two titles another try.

Are there any Legend of Zelda games still on your to-play list? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Birthday Haul

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

My birthday was about a week and a half ago and even though I’m not level 26, most of my gifts are still toys. I wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Birthday Haul | Gaming | Video Games |

I’ll start with Kris. She gave me a Gengar plush from the Pokemon Center. I was certainly happy with that since I don’t have a Gengar plush yet, after all these years, and he’s one of my favorite Pokemon. She also pre-ordered Lindsey Stirling’s newest album as well as Luigi’s Mansion 3 for me. I also got the Piranha Plant Amiibo. I’m assuming because I occasionally derp around with Piranha Plant in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. I’m getting pretty good with him too, but I love to just goof off with that character.

I also got some Detective Pikachu stuff. I got Detective Pikachu Pokemon cards along with two Mega Construx boxes – Detective Pikachu and Detective Pikachu’s office. I’m looking forward to building those and putting them with our other Pokemon Mega Construx. I also got the Detective Pikachu DVD. My parents also pre-ordered Link’s Awakening for me for the Nintendo Switch.

There were a few other things I got such as books and other movies, but that was the main stuff I got that’s gaming related.

I’m eager to get the games that were pre-ordered and, as I just stated, I’m looking forward to building my Mega Construx. 26 years old and I can’t wait to build Legos! I think it was a good haul overall.

Have you pre-ordered Link’s Awakening and Luigi’s Mansion 3 yet? Let me know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Nintendo Direct Thoughts (September 4, 2019)

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After an interestingly busy summer, we are totally ready to get back to blogging and gaming, and it was great being greeted with a Nintendo Direct right at the beginning of this month. There was a ton of stuff that was teased at this direct, giving us plenty of games and release dates. Some rumors were confirmed, while other announcements created new ones.

We weren’t able to watch the Direct live, but we watched it the moment it had ended. I knew a lot of stuff was coming between now and the end of 2019, but Nintendo just added so much more to the list. Overall, it was a good Direct. However, I really only cared about a handful of the games they announced.

I wrote down the majority of the games and their release dates that were shown, but I’ll admit that I was getting a bit burned out as the last few games were being shown. Still, we have a decent list to go through and add to our release dates calendar. I was happy for those who enjoy Overwatch to see it confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, and I’m interested in Tokyo Mirage Sessions for early next year.

I have to admit, I was surprised Overwatch is just now coming to the Switch. I had forgotten about that game, but still. It’s so popular as is the Switch. I was mainly interested in hearing more about Luigi’s Mansion 3, of course, and also learning a bit more about Animal Crossing New Horizons. The SNES Virtual Console was a nice surprise as well.

It was nice to see the SNES Virtual Console. Perhaps we’ll use the Online services more due to it! I’m interested in seeing what SNES games will be released through it down the line. As someone who is only newly interested in Animal Crossing, I did enjoy seeing the bits and pieces of New Horizons. Being able to place furniture outside is a much bigger plus than I thought it would be, and it’ll be fun being able to play together! Of course, what I enjoyed the most about the direct was the Pokemon Sword and Shield news. The new tea Pokemon is adorable, and the Pokemon camp seems to be fun!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We have barely used the online services though as we don’t recognize many games from the NES. I’m sure that’ll change with the SNES games. I too am looking forward to what else they release. And, maybe, a virtual console Nintendo 64 is in the future. As for Animal Crossing, yes, I’m looking forward to doing more with the village rather than just your own house or seeing what your neighbors are up to. Then, of course, there’s Pokemon. Two months and counting… I can’t wait! That Pokemon camp looks awesome.

And our Pokemon can play together! That’ll be too cute! Aside from the other various titles that piqued my interest — Assassin’s Creed, Trials of Mana, Dragon Quest, Little Town Hero, to name a few — the other piece of the direct that surprised me was hearing that even more DLC characters will be coming to Smash Ultimate after the current Fighter’s Pass is done. The next DLC character was announced, but Terry doesn’t mean much to us. While I’m happy for those who are excited for Terry, we have no idea who he is, so it’s fun to speculate who else will be coming to Smash.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Our Pokemon will be able to play together because we’ll each have our own Switch! As for the other games, again, nothing piqued my interest. I downloaded Super Kirby Clash because it was free and I’d love to play more Kirby games – he’s a cute fluff-ball. I wasn’t too surprised to hear they’re coming out with more DLC for Smash. I have a feeling this may be the last Smash game (at least for the next few years) and they’re trying to squeeze in as many characters as they can. My question now is… will they announce the new DLC characters as they have been? And how much will they cost?

I’m sure Sakurai would like this to be the last Smash game, haha! The only downside to getting more DLC Smash characters is cost, yes. Obviously, getting the Fighter’s Pass was the cheaper option to go, and we wanted to get all five extra characters, but honestly? We wouldn’t have minded skipping Terry and maybe Hero or so to save money and data. Still, it’ll be fun to see what other characters they’ll manage to squeeze into the game!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
It would have made sense to save money on characters we don’t know, but… it’s Smash. And it’s me. Gotta collect ‘em all. I wonder if they’ll ready another set of five characters and do another Fighter’s Pass. Or if they’ll just release characters willy-nilly.

I know, I know, gotta get all the characters, haha! Still, I hope the next set of characters will be more recognizable to us. On the flip side, I suppose that means we just need to expand our gaming horizons even more!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’m sure we’ll see some familiar faces eventually. Now that we have the SNES Virtual Console, we can definitely branch out with some of the older games as well. We’re going to be busy for quite a while with these new games!

Did you enjoy the Direct? What are you looking forward to the most from Nintendo? Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Gaming Funk

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

I know I keep repeating myself, but… it’s been such a long summer. I’m finally getting back into my normal routine and that includes getting excited about video games again.

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I went into some sort of a “gaming funk,” if you will, over the past few months. I wasn’t into any games at all. I was looking forward to certain games – more on that in a minute – but I just felt like I had “no games to play.”

You know, despite the rows and rows of games I have on my shelves in addition to all the digital downloads I have on various home consoles and handhelds.

Anyway, I barely touched the Nintendo Switch, which was weird for me. Then Fire Emblem: Three Houses released and Kris was super excited for that. She was playing it all the time and I even let her take the Switch with her when she went dog-sitting for a week. Needless to say, even if I wanted to play a game, Kris had already booked the console for herself for the next few weeks.

I don’t say this as a complaint or saying that she “hogs” the Switch at all, but it didn’t help my gaming funk. In fact, it gave me all the morning reason not to play anything or start something new.

There are a lot of games coming to the Nintendo Switch within the next couple of months. I’ve been looking forward to Luigi’s Mansion 3, Pokemon Sword & Shield, and Animal Crossing New Horizons for quite some time.

My birthday came and went and my sister and parents pre-ordered Link’s Awakening and Luigi’s Mansion 3 for me. With my birthday money, I pre-ordered myself the Nintendo Switch Lite. I’m going to be getting birthday presents for months!

Now that I know I’m getting those two games but also getting my own Switch, I have been super excited and itching to play games. Now the problem is… I have to wait for these games (and the console) to release.

Have you ever stopped gaming for a long period of time? What games are you most looking forward to playing soon? Let me know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Podcasts and Spotify

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday everyone!

It’s been a little while, but I hope everyone is doing well. Summer is just about over and, honestly, I’m excited for cooler weather and being able to get back into a routine with blogging and gaming. So, today, we’re chatting about podcasts because why not.

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Rachel and I had a pretty busy summer. I hope everyone else has had a great summer, one where you all were healthy and productive! With September, Rachel and I are doing our best to get back into our writing routines, especially for our blogs.

Of course, we’re always trying to expand our creativity, and something that has always popped up in our minds is a podcast (because we totally don’t have enough on our plates). Granted, we’re not planning on doing a podcast anytime soon, but the idea has always been there. Finding additional ways to reach out to more people and share our love of video games and geeky things is always in the back of our minds.

Podcasts started being a thing in 2004 and now there are a plethora of websites and apps dedicated to listening to podcasts. Our friend Justin runs an awesome podcast called The Game N’ Watch Podcast over on Podbean, for example. Spotify is another example, and has been increasing their podcast selections. Considering my music tastes — movies and video game soundtracks, game covers, and instrumentals, mostly — many of the podcasts that Spotify recommends to me have to do with film, gaming, and Dungeons & Dragons (in fact, one is called “Not Another D&D Podcast”).

Recently, I saw an article that had uncovered a potential new feature in the Spotify app that has to do with publishing a podcast. Supposedly, creating and publishing a podcast on Spotify will be as simple as the push of a button. While the simplicity will be fantastic for people trying to reach wider audiences, it may flood the platform with too many podcasts. On that note, who knows if there will be anything filtering the podcasts, if they have to go through the proper channels before being able to be listened to by the masses. If there is no regulation, it could create chaos.

Still, podcasts are a wonderful way to reach out to others and share information or opinions. They’re reminiscent to the old radio talk shows from decades ago, coming back in an upgraded medium.

What podcasts do you recommend? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Friday Favorites: Three Houses Students

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

The Golden Deer are my children. I will admit that I have yet to try out game files with the other houses since I am so invested in the Golden Deer and their stories. However, I love exploring the monastery during free days to talk to everyone, regardless of house. Excluding the house leaders — because Claude would probably win by a landslide, and I feel I cannot properly invest in Edelgard and Dimitri without playing their routes — here is a list of some of my favorite Three Houses students so far.

Fire Emblem Three Houses | Fire Emblem | Three Houses | Video Games | Nintendo |


This kid is adorable. Despite him not starting off in my house, I got invested in his background and story due to one of the earlier chapters before the time-skip. He was the first student I invited to join me on a mission and the first I recruited into Golden Deer after figuring out the logistics of it. His gentle and amusing supports with other students, like Marianne and Caspar, were fun to read and listen to, and I’m enjoying his perseverance despite his background.


I just laugh out loud from this kid. His zeal for justice is admirable but the fact that he’s willing to throw down with whoever is in his way or causing trouble amuses the hell out of me. I loved his second support conversation with Hilda, him trying to avoid a fight before deciding, “Nope,” and diving in. That, and he’s a pretty decent unit if you train him enough.


Admittedly, at first I was a touch annoyed at how her attitude was always on the defensive side with everyone “treating her like a child.” However, reading some of her supports with other characters opened her up in ways I was not expecting, and I admire her tenacity for bettering herself with whatever time she has left in the world. She’s also a beast with her magic in battles!


Archers have always been some of my favorite units (hence, Claude and one of the main reasons why I picked Golden Deer) and Ignatz was such a shy deer dear that he soon became one of my favorites. His hobby of art and his friendship with the others in Golden Deer make me feel warm and fuzzy, and I’m proud of how more confident he is after the time-skip. He’s also a kick-ass assassin in my army.

Who are some of your favorite students from Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Pokemon Rumble Rush [Mobile Game Review]

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

Pokemon Rumble Rush is part of the Pokemon Rumble series. It came out for mobile in May 2019 and I was super excited for it – before promptly forgetting it existed… better late than never, right?

Mobile Game Review: Pokemon Rumble Rush | Mobile Games | Video Games | Pokemon | Pokemon Rumble Series |

I have played and enjoyed all the Pokemon Rumble games in the series. I’ve always wanted a new one to come out and Pokemon Rumble Rush didn’t disappoint. However, with it being a mobile game, the gameplay is limited. Sure, they’re toy Pokemon traveling the world so the gameplay was limited anyway, but this time around, all you have to do is tap the screen. Actually, after a certain point early on in the game, the Pokemon will go on auto so you don’t even have to do anything in the levels if you get distracted with something else.

The main point of the game is to collect research on Pokemon. In order to do that, you need to catch as many Pokemon as you can and explore new areas. Each area is short as your Pokemon massacres a bunch of other Pokemon – catching them if they drop randomly – and defeating the super boss at the end. The super boss is, of course, the boss of the level. He’s huge and his CP can be high making it difficult to defeat. This is why you need a Pokemon with a high CP and it helps to have the type advantage.

Super bosses will sometimes drop ores. There are three kinds of ores – ore, unusual, and rare. Each one takes time to refine, as it is a mobile game. You have to wait 30 minutes, 3 hours, or a whopping 10 hours. However, when it’s all done, you can get a tone of gear which upgrades your Pokemon’s CP level and more. You can’t really go through the game without utilizing these ores. The downside is that you can only hold six at a time. This can get annoying if you’re getting a lot of ore but you’re still waiting for the rare ore to refine in 10 hours.

There’s a decent amount to do in the game. Aside from exploring new areas with your guided feathers and catching Pokemon, defeating super bosses, you can click on hot air balloons which are other players. They’re partner Pokemon will join you for the level while you fight the super boss. In addition, there’s a coin rush challenge that you can try once a day. You have to defeat three super bosses in one minute and… it’s not as easy as it seems.

The game “resets,” if you will, every two weeks where you’re in a certain area with a long line of super bosses leading up the main Pokemon of the event. At the time of writing this review, it’s Jirachi. In other words, you have two weeks to catch Jirachi. If you don’t, it’s onto the next area when the two weeks are up.

Whenever you move onto a new place, you keep all the Pokemon you’ve caught, but you can’t use them. You’re given one Pokemon for the new area and you have to start from scratch to build your team again. However, you keep all the gears you’ve collected.

Needless to say, the game can get pretty repetitive, but I love collecting them all so I’ve been playing a lot. There is a shop where you can buy more refine space or diamonds (to speed the refine process up) but, of course, microtransactions are dumb. So, yeah. Not doing that.

Pokemon Rumble Rush gets a rating of…

PLAY IT | Download It | Delete It

Overall, Pokemon Rumble Rush is a fun game. It changes every two weeks, though the gameplay itself is the same and gets repetitive after a while. But it’s still Pokemon and I enjoy it. The music is the same as the original Pokemon Rumble game and the graphics are cute and charming. This is definitely one to try if you’re a Pokemon fan or if you’ve enjoyed other Pokemon Rumble games in the past.

Have you played Pokemon Rumble Rush yet? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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