Top Tuesday: Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games

Happy Tuesday!

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before way back when the Nintendo Switch came out (it’s already been seven months… wow!), but I wanted to talk about some games that I hope will come to the console in the near future.

Top Tuesday: Most Wanted Games for the Nintendo Switch

4. Luigi’s Mansion

I would love to have a third Luigi’s Mansion game, but at this point, I wouldn’t even care if they remade the first one and maybe added a little to it. I love the Gamecube and, at the time, the graphics were awesome, but I would love to see Luigi on the TV with Switch graphics!

3. Animal Crossing

New Leaf came out for the 3DS in 2012. That’s a long time ago! Sure, they’ve come out with Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival since then, but… I want a new game. And now that I have the New 2DS XL, I wouldn’t care if they put it on there. Still, I would love to see it on the Switch, on my TV.

2. Pokemon

Give me something. Anything. I prefer a main game, but I’ll take any sort of Pokemon. And yes, I know there’s Pokken Tournament DX, but like I said I want a main game. And, I think that’s what they’re working on, but it’d be nice to have some updates on it.

1. Super Smash Brothers

I can’t believe that they haven’t officially announced this yet. I say officially because we all believe that’s what Reggie said in his blurred-beeped-out speech during the Nintendo World Championship. I’m down for a brand new Smash game or a deluxe version. Like all the other games, I just want to see it on the Switch.

What games are you hoping for? Let me know in the comments below!

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Breath Of The Wild Gushing

Breath of the Wild Game Review

This is more of an informal review because everyone and their dog has already reviewed Breath of the Wild. And, while we’ve done a lot of praising for the game because it is phenomenal, we haven’t yet gushed about the ending of the story. Considering we just recently beat it, we can finally do just that!

We took our time getting to the end of the main story because there was just so much to do in the game. We wanted to complete and beat everything, not just Ganon. The open world was amazing, but it made me feel like we had no attention span at all. We’d be doing one thing and then get distracted by something shiny and new on the way there. It was easy to get off track. Our to-do list kept growing and it was great.

After finding the memories and unlocking the key elements of the story, we needed to find and complete all the shrines before going after Calamity Ganon. We’re not those kind of speed-runners who were able to rush to the final boss of the story immediately after waking up from the Shrine of Resurrection! Considering I can be a bit reckless at times with exploring, I needed to gather all of the stamina and hearts I could from the spirit orbs.

Though… I do want to try barging into the castle right away next time we play. I think that would be interesting. But yeah, we wanted to get everything. The memories, all the orbs from the 120 shrines, and I also wanted to collect all the clothes, upgrade all the clothes, and complete all the side quests and such. It got to the point where we were so eager to just battle Ganon, that we just did it.

We have about 20 side quests left to do, along with finding and upgrading the rest of the clothes. Hyrule Castle was amazing to explore, though! I adored all the areas that we could barge into, from the Library to Zelda’s Room to the Lockup area. All of the attention to detail just gave me so many feelings of nostalgia, excitement, and adventure!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes! The castle was definitely my favorite part. We didn’t get to explore it all though. We somehow found ourselves outside the room where Ganon was waiting and ended up just going for it. So we have to finish exploring the castle among getting and upgrading the clothes and finishing the side quests. Other than that, we’ve done all we can in the game. What was your favorite part, Kris?

Oh, yes, there’s definitely more to see in the castle! We seemed to stick more to the west side while climbing up to where Calamity Ganon was waiting. Wait, I have to pick a favorite part of the whole game? The final boss battle — with the Champions cut scene and Zelda finally appearing — was amazing, even if it did take only about twenty minutes to complete. I spent much more time wandering around and getting lost in the Divine Beasts. I just adored the open world and all the nods to previous games in the Zelda franchise. Taming a horse and wandering around while it took the lead while I enjoyed the scenery was fantastic. What about you?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The final battle and the cutscene before it was fantastic! It really made you feel something for the characters and the whole atmosphere of the game. It was epic. I certainly loved tracking down all the memories. I loved piecing the story together and it was fun to explore the world. It was like a big scavenger hunt. I also loved hunting down all the shrines as well. At the beginning of the game, they seem to be all over the place, but towards the end we really had to keep our eye out for them and solve puzzles to find the hidden ones.

It was really satisfying to see the end of the story after finding all of the memories and speaking to those who remembered what had happened 100 years ago. Rachel and I sat Link outside of the castle and rewatched the memories in order to get a really good feel as to the events that lead up to that moment. It was breathtaking to see the Champions all band together one last time to help defeat Calamity Ganon! Now we need to beat the game in Hard Mode!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We need to “beat” the game by getting one divine beast, two divine beasts, three, and none as well. Apparently there are alternate endings. We must get them all! The game is “over,” but there’s still so much to do!

Breath of the Wild gets…
10 out of 5 lives.

Soooo, what did you think? Were you satisfied with the ending of the story? Let us know in the comments! 

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Are You Excited For Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon?

Happy Thursday!

It’s no secret that Pokemon is one of my favorite game franchises of all time. So, with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon around the corner, I’m getting pretty excited.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

When Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced, I wasn’t impressed. I mean, I was excited about another Pokemon game, but I didn’t get it.

Whatever happened to Pokemon Z for Pokemon X and Y? What about Stars for Sun and Moon?

I liked having the third game. I wanted Gray or Rainbow for Black and White and ended up with Black 2 and White 2. So, I assumed X and Y would have Z or X-Squared and Y-Squared. But we got nothing.

Now they’ve gone back to giving us two more “sequel” games just one year later since the first ones came out.

I’d complain, but it’s Pokemon. I know I’m going to get both games. I know I’m going to enjoy both games. And, as I said earlier, now I know it’s about a month away from being released, I’m beginning to get super excited all over again.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, we’re able to finally go through the Wormhole and explore Ultra Space. I didn’t realize this was a thing I wanted until I saw the latest trailer for it.

New Ultra Beasts are introduced and so are new areas in an alternate dimension. It seems as though we have to play a certain “mini-game” to get there as well, which is a pretty cool touch. Who doesn’t want to ride Lunala or Solgaleo and control them? Even if it is for that one moment.

The areas inside the Ultra Space look pretty as well. Why we’re disturbed the poor Ultra Beasts in their home territory, I have no idea. However, there does seem to be a new plotline with new rivals, The Ultra Recon Squad.

Maybe they’re not “bad guys,” but they sure look like it.

And then, of course, there are new Pokemon. You can’t go wrong with new Pokemon.

I’m sure there are other updates to the game. I’ve heard there’s a new Trial and people are spreading rumors about Pokemon possibly being able to follow you, but… we’ll see.

Are you excited for this updated/sequel Sun and Moon? Let me know in the comments below!

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36 Fragments Of Midnight [Game Review]

36 Fragments of Midnight game review

Title: 36 Fragments of Midnight
Developer: Ratalaika Games | Petite Games 
Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 
September 14, 2017 (for Switch) 
How we got the game: 
We won a free review code from Miketendo64

This game was cute and engaging. There wasn’t much to it, allowing us to easily just hit the start button and start playing.

It was certainly not at all what I was expecting. But it was charming and we had a lot of fun with it!


36 Fragments of Midnight is a simple game to just pick up and play. As a little square of light, you explore various areas of a large map to retrieve star fragments. With the analog stick, you move left or right and the A button allows you to jump and double jump.

It’s that simple and that hard. As you collect the star fragments, you have to dodge spikes, saw blades, and lasers. Sometimes dodging those things are as simple as just waiting for them to pass by or you have to do a quick double jump as the fragments happen to be right on top of a saw blade.

The map itself consists of several levels, with you hopping up or gentle falling from area to area. Each section of the map contains a star fragment and an obstacle or two in an attempt to prevent you from reaching it. The areas themselves change where they are on the map each time you load the game, providing you with a fresh challenge every time you hit start.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I found the map to be pretty cool. I wanted so badly to zoom out and look at it overall, but then that would have defeated the purpose. The puzzles were simple and quick, but it was enough to keep up going and playing.


The graphics were probably one of my favorite parts of the game. It was sleek and clean, with your character and the star fragments being the brightest aspects of the game. The background was darkening night, allowing shadows to aid the traps and tricks in providing you with a challenge around the puzzles.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I found the background to be gorgeous. There was no map at all so you had to use the background as an indication of whether you were near the bottom of the map or near the top. It was snowing or something throughout the game, which added a certain ambiance to the gameplay. Midnight, the square of light, was cute and it was very satisfying watching a beam of light trail after you.

There was more ambient sounds rather than music, which was fitting. The scene appeared to be a wintery evening, with howling winds being a prominent sound that you heard while playing the game. I would have liked to hear more of a tune or other ambient sounds to help round it out, but the winds did help to keep you focused rather than distracted when trying to time your double jumps over a spinning blade.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
There wasn’t much of a story to this game. At least, we don’t know what it is. Still, I’m intrigued. You, Midnight, is trying to retrieve the 36 star fragments that these black spike-ball-looking-demon-things lost. I want to know who they are, why they need the fragments, and… how they lost them in the first place. Then again, I could be overthinking things.

Perhaps that’s also the writers in us, haha! What’s the point of this plot? Who are these characters? Were the black, spikey, fuzzballs even the friends that had lost the star fragments? We had believed they were enemies at first, trying not to touch them if possible. Short and simple, the story was for Midnight to retrieve the star fragments for, I presume, friends. That’s it. The puzzles and controls were engaging enough for us to play the game without a need for a deeper storyline.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, that’s true. It was a good enough game without a full story. The gameplay, music, and graphics were good enough to keep our attention as we tried to collect all the fragments in one go.


Being a quick game, one that players can beat in less than ten minutes if they wished to, 36 Fragments of Midnight has a little replay value in the fact that it is so quick and easy to pick up. That, and the puzzles and map vary each time you load the game, disallowing you from memorizing all the spots that the star fragments are.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The puzzles are more or less the same, but they’re in different spots on the map. This is a fun, casual game to play anytime. Not to mention that once you beat the game, you’re going to want to play again to beat your time score.

36 Fragments of Midnight gets…
4 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! 

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Smash Brothers For Nintendo Switch

Happy Tuesday!

Super Smash Brothers is a series that is well known and loved by all. There has been a Smash game for just about every Nintendo console. The Nintendo Switch has been out for seven months now and there’s still not much about the game coming to the Switch.

Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch

I was thinking about the game the other night. I haven’t played Smash in a long time. Between the Nintendo Switch, getting a new 2DS XL, and trying my hand at various games from Steam and indie games, I haven’t really been playing the “old school” games.

Smash is a game I’ve grown up with. I’ve played them all, even if I barely remember the Nintendo 64 version because I was so young. Still, I’ve played and enjoyed them all.

Imagine what Smash could be like on the Nintendo Switch.

I came up with an idea for the game that I think would be perfect for the newest console.

I was pleased with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and I honestly assumed they were going to do that with Super Smash Brothers. I definitely think that could work as a deluxe version or if they want to make it its own “updated” game.

What if you controlled two fighters in the game? Throughout the match, you could “switch” between your two characters.

Think of the different team combinations you could make. Think of the various move sets and how you can figure out two characters to work together and really compliment each other against other opponents.

You’d still be controlling one character at a time, but you’ve have two to switch between. If you think about, this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done something like that.Remember Pokemon Trainer in Super Smash Brothers Brawl?

Remember Pokemon Trainer in Super Smash Brothers Brawl? You could switch between the three Pokemon in the middle of the battle.

The Smash Ball could be a combo move used by your two fighters together.

This would be a lot of coding and a lot of work. So, would something like this be possible? I don’t really know.

But I think it would definitely be a lot of fun.

What do you think of this idea? Would you have fun with such an option? Let me know in the comments below!

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Soul Link Nuzlocke

We’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy with plenty of games lately. Yet, we started a new Pokemon journey. We’re playing the games doing a Nuzlocke version. However, it wasn’t until after we started that we heard of a Soul Link Nuzlocke.

There are only two basic rules of a normal Nuzlocke: you’re only allowed to catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area, and if a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be released. Most also add the rule to nickname all Pokemon, to better forge a bond between the player and their team. Many people have put their own twists on the Nuzlocke challenge to make them harder, such as type or item restrictions, whether or not healing items are allowed, or catching duplicates. Then there are special Nuzlockes, like the Soul Link Nuzlocke.

The Soul Link Nuzlocke is the same except it’s two-player. Your Pokemon are “linked” to your friend’s Pokemon. For example, whatever you catch on Route 1 is “linked” with whatever your friend catches on Route 1. If your Route 1 Pokemon dies, then your friend’s Route 1 Pokemon dies. If your friend doesn’t catch anything on a route and you did, then your Pokemon automatically dies. The stakes seem so much higher because you’re basically caring for twice the Pokemon without controlling them.

Not only are you invested in your own team, but you’ll also spend plenty of time worrying about your friend’s team as well. While I’ve read plenty of Nuzlocke comics, I’ll admit that I’ve never seen a Soul Link Nuzlocke comic or story, for that matter. This was a challenge that Rachel had discovered fairly recently.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I don’t even remember what I was doing… I just came across a Soul Link Nuzlocke playthrough on YouTube and decided to look up what it was. While this seems like it would be harder (and more stressful!) than the regular Nuzlocke, this is something I definitely want to try out!

It’s just one more Nuzlocke challenge to add to the list. There are so many to do… It’s a good thing we have seven generations of games to go through!

Have you heard of a Soul Link Nuzlocke? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Friday Favorites: BotW Side Characters

Double Jump Kris MiiThe Legend of Zelda series has always had memorable characters, and Breath of the Wild was no exception. I feel as if every character, no matter how minor their roles, in Breath of the Wild had their own lives outside of just being there to assist Link. Each character had their own name and routine, some of which may have deviated if they were part of a side or shrine quest. This week, I’m celebrating some of the more memorable ones, in my opinion.



This giant Korok is so damn entertaining with his dances and maracas! Whenever he helpfully expands your weapon, bow, or shield stashes, you can’t skip his song and dance! That, and he has an amusing quote if you start talking to him when Link is wearing nothing but his underwear.


Speaking of amusing quotes, Bolson is full of them. Having a character furnish a house for Link was an interesting idea, allowing you a place to call “home,” and Bolson was always up for the job. He was even greatly supportive of one of his former employees getting married!


Hudson was Bolson’s former employee, and his long side quest was completely satisfying to finish. Going around the world to find others that shared his vision (and complied with the name rules) to help build a town from the ground up with a plethora of different races was awesome to see! The wedding at the end of the side quest was beautiful.


The Rito race is one of my favorites in the Legend of Zelda games, even if they haven’t been featured in many — actually, besides Breath of the Wild, I believe they’re only in the Wind Waker, so it was great seeing them again! Kass was a traveling musician and it was always fun to hear his music drifting through the air whenever he happened to be nearby. He helped with quite a few shrine quests and proving to be knowledgeable about the world, crediting his late teacher for many of the tidbits. I have a headcanon that his late teacher was someone like Kaepora Gaebora, the wise (and talkative) old owl from Ocarina of Time!

Who are some of your favorite side characters in Breath of the Wild?

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