Are You Excited For Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon?

Happy Thursday!

It’s no secret that Pokemon is one of my favorite game franchises of all time. So, with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon around the corner, I’m getting pretty excited.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

When Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced, I wasn’t impressed. I mean, I was excited about another Pokemon game, but I didn’t get it.

Whatever happened to Pokemon Z for Pokemon X and Y? What about Stars for Sun and Moon?

I liked having the third game. I wanted Gray or Rainbow for Black and White and ended up with Black 2 and White 2. So, I assumed X and Y would have Z or X-Squared and Y-Squared. But we got nothing.

Now they’ve gone back to giving us two more “sequel” games just one year later since the first ones came out.

I’d complain, but it’s Pokemon. I know I’m going to get both games. I know I’m going to enjoy both games. And, as I said earlier, now I know it’s about a month away from being released, I’m beginning to get super excited all over again.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, we’re able to finally go through the Wormhole and explore Ultra Space. I didn’t realize this was a thing I wanted until I saw the latest trailer for it.

New Ultra Beasts are introduced and so are new areas in an alternate dimension. It seems as though we have to play a certain “mini-game” to get there as well, which is a pretty cool touch. Who doesn’t want to ride Lunala or Solgaleo and control them? Even if it is for that one moment.

The areas inside the Ultra Space look pretty as well. Why we’re disturbed the poor Ultra Beasts in their home territory, I have no idea. However, there does seem to be a new plotline with new rivals, The Ultra Recon Squad.

Maybe they’re not “bad guys,” but they sure look like it.

And then, of course, there are new Pokemon. You can’t go wrong with new Pokemon.

I’m sure there are other updates to the game. I’ve heard there’s a new Trial and people are spreading rumors about Pokemon possibly being able to follow you, but… we’ll see.

Are you excited for this updated/sequel Sun and Moon? Let me know in the comments below!

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Soul Link Nuzlocke

We’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy with plenty of games lately. Yet, we started a new Pokemon journey. We’re playing the games doing a Nuzlocke version. However, it wasn’t until after we started that we heard of a Soul Link Nuzlocke.

There are only two basic rules of a normal Nuzlocke: you’re only allowed to catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area, and if a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be released. Most also add the rule to nickname all Pokemon, to better forge a bond between the player and their team. Many people have put their own twists on the Nuzlocke challenge to make them harder, such as type or item restrictions, whether or not healing items are allowed, or catching duplicates. Then there are special Nuzlockes, like the Soul Link Nuzlocke.

The Soul Link Nuzlocke is the same except it’s two-player. Your Pokemon are “linked” to your friend’s Pokemon. For example, whatever you catch on Route 1 is “linked” with whatever your friend catches on Route 1. If your Route 1 Pokemon dies, then your friend’s Route 1 Pokemon dies. If your friend doesn’t catch anything on a route and you did, then your Pokemon automatically dies. The stakes seem so much higher because you’re basically caring for twice the Pokemon without controlling them.

Not only are you invested in your own team, but you’ll also spend plenty of time worrying about your friend’s team as well. While I’ve read plenty of Nuzlocke comics, I’ll admit that I’ve never seen a Soul Link Nuzlocke comic or story, for that matter. This was a challenge that Rachel had discovered fairly recently.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I don’t even remember what I was doing… I just came across a Soul Link Nuzlocke playthrough on YouTube and decided to look up what it was. While this seems like it would be harder (and more stressful!) than the regular Nuzlocke, this is something I definitely want to try out!

It’s just one more Nuzlocke challenge to add to the list. There are so many to do… It’s a good thing we have seven generations of games to go through!

Have you heard of a Soul Link Nuzlocke? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Remember This? [The Kanto Pokedex]

A long, long time ago, way back in the 90s, kids had the coolest toys. One of them, that popped into my head randomly, was the Kanto Pokedex from Pokemon.

I wonder what happened to ours… I remember how excited I was at this toy. To me, it was one of the closest ways to become a Pokemon master like in the video games, haha! It let you look up the Pokemon’s information, create a favorites list, and make a “captured” list.

Yes, I vaguely remember you and I going outside with our Pokedexes and pretending to go on a journey and “capture” invisible Pokemon. (Little did we know that years later we’d be able to do that on our phones!)

Hey, our parents couldn’t complain that we were spending all our time inside playing video games! While it’d be amazing to have an upgraded Pokedex toy like this for all seven generations of Pokemon, it definitely would be redundant today with smartphones and Pokemon Go.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I think they do have an updated Pokedex toy, though. I’m not sure what region it’s for. Still, seeing the picture of this toy makes me feel nostalgic. I wish I knew where the toy was, but I’m sure it’s long gone by now. But I would love to try to turn it on and see if it still works.

Perhaps they’re in the attic somewhere with lots of the old figurines that we used to play with… It’d definitely be interesting to see what Pokemon we had saved on our favorites and captured lists. It’s probably full of the Eevee family, perhaps our go-to starters, and every other species we found cute.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yeah, probably. Either that or we had every single Pokemon on there that we could add because we wanted to “catch ’em all.” I’m definitely going to see if I can track down one of these toys though. I would love to try it out again.

Do you remember this toy? Did you have it or another version of the Pokedex? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll chat!

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Gaming Brings People Together

Happy Thursday!

Some of you may know that I run the Sunday school program at the church I attend and grew up with. Last Sunday was the first day back after summer break and we did a fun exercise to catch up with one another and find out what we have in common.

I downloaded a puzzle template that had 12 pieces on it and cut out each individual piece. Then I gave the kids a piece and made them talk in one-on-one groups. They had to discover two things they had in common with each other (so they could each write something different on their puzzle piece).

They each did multiple pieces so that they had a chance to talk to everyone in the class, including the teachers.

I did this exercise with them in an attempt to get to know them a little better. These kids range in ages, but the group I had was mostly in upper elementary or just started middle school.

I sat down to talk to one boy. Even though he’s been coming to Sunday school for years, he didn’t seem to want to talk. I was his last person and by then I think he was just done with the exercise.

I kept asking him, “What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite food? Season? Holiday?” He was giving me nothing and whatever he answered, I said the opposite.

Finally, he said he enjoyed Pokemon.

I had known this but completely forgot about it. I said I liked it too and he was eager to write “Pokemon” down on his puzzle piece.

Then I asked about Minecraft. I don’t know why that game was the first to pop in my head, but it was. He said he used to, but hasn’t played it in a while. Well, that’s great because I haven’t played it in a while either. So I wrote “Minecraft” on my puzzle piece.

Once everyone was done, we colored our puzzle pieces to make them stand out and look unique since I’ll be trying to tape them together.

I drew dark green squares on my Minecraft piece and colored the background a light green. Just as I finished that, the boy came up to me, proudly I may add, and showed me his Pokemon piece. He had decorated it to look like a Pokeball. I proudly showed him mine and we laughed how we decorated our pieces to look like the games without knowing that’s what the other was doing.

After class was over, we ended up talking a lot about Pokemon Sun and Moon.

It was a good class, probably one of the best I’ve had in a while with that group (and when I say that, I mean they’re good kids, but they’re all growing into teenagers and it’s driving me crazy).

I just love connecting with other people who have the same video game interests as you do. It’s something fun to talk about and you really get to know other people that way.

Have you ever connected with someone else through video games? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll chat!

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Throwback Thursday: Pokemon Pearl

Happy Thursday, happy last day of Pokemon Month, and happy last day of August!

Wow, now that we got that out of the way…


Pokemon Pearl originally came out for the Nintendo DS on September 28, 2006. I can’t remember if I got the game for Christmas or if I bought it myself when it came out.

Whenever I got it, this was the very first Pokemon game I ever beat. I had played all the other Pokemon games before, but I never made it the Champion. This was because a new game would come out before I got the chance or I, for some reason, just wouldn’t make it that far.

Within a week or so, I had completed Pearl, defeating the Champion and all. Since then I’ve spent the most amount of time on that game than I have on any of my other Pokemon games.

I love all the games that came after Pearl, especially X/Y and Sun/Moon. And I know a lot of people didn’t care too much for Diamond/Pearl, but Pearl will always have a special place in my heart.

Which game was the first you completed? Let me know in the comments below!

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Coming to a Close

Hey everyone! We just wanted to thank you for joining us on our first Pokemon Month! As it comes to a close, we did want to leave you with one last fun video that we found.

While this is an ad for the trading card game, we really enjoyed the dance-off between Team Skull and Team Pikachu!

Character Spotlight: Brock

Happy Tuesday!

August is coming to an end, which means Pokemon Month is ending as well. So, I thought I’d talk about a character we all know and love.


Brock first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue (1996) as Pewter City’s gym leader. He also appeared in the first season of the anime. He joins Ash on his Pokemon journey and travels far and wide alongside him.

Brock is the most mature and seemingly older of all the characters. In the games, he carries rock-type Pokemon, but in the anime, he carries more varied types on his team, even though he still has his beloved Onix and Geodude.

Brock is a caretaker. He always cared for his many brothers and sisters while his father was away and when he joins Ash and Misty on their adventure, he takes care of them as well. He does most of the cooking and he tends to always have a map so they don’t get lost and know where they’re going.

I absolutely love Brock and wish I knew him in real life. He’d be a great friend and, even though he doesn’t battle often in the show, he’s a skillful Pokemon trainer.

Do you love Brock? Who’s your favorite character from Pokemon? Let me know in the comments below!

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