Rumor: Pokemon Gen. Four Remakes

Happy Monday! With the coming holidays, there are a plethora of new video game releases that are on our radar. Most are new but some are remastered versions of older games that we had loved. Now there are rumors of another remake… Pokemon is one of our favorite franchises, probably one of the first that […]

A Handheld Only Nintendo Switch [Rumor]

Happy Thursday! Nintendo has always been known for being predictable¬†– and yet – totally unpredictable. They’re always trying to surprise us, always taking risks, and doing something out of the ordinary. One thing is normal though and that’s Nintendo Directs. Nintendo usually puts on a Direct in January and a lot of people (just check […]

New Date For Latest Nintendo Direct [Rumor]

Happy Tuesday! I personally think it’s been a long week and it’s barely started. Still, I’ve been keeping my eye out for a new Direct date and we might have one. We were supposed to have a Nintendo Direct a few days ago about upcoming Switch and 3DS games. I was looking forward to it […]

The Digital Age

Happy July, everyone! Recent news about game stores and physical games have made me come to a realization, one that I’m a bit bemused by… Fairly recently, I read a couple of stories about how GameStop is in buyout talks and physical copies of Fortnite are being sold for hundreds of dollars, and it made […]

N64 Classic Wish List

Rumors abound that Nintendo will be giving us the N64 Classic at some point in the future. Everyone and their mother has a wish list detailing what games they would like to see on a classic version of the N64 console, and Rachel and I are no exception. Frankly, I think a couple of the […]

Animal Crossing Overhaul! [Gaming News]

Happy Tuesday! I have found some exciting news! That may or may not be that exciting… especially if it’s not true… But we can still get our¬†hopes up, right? There’s a rumor going around that Nintendo is revamping the Animal Crossing website. There are placeholders on certain pages on their official Animal Crossing website, such […]

Of Lego Games

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and staying warm. There’s more snow coming our way where we live. As for Lego games, I don’t really get this series… There’s a rumor that there will be a Lego The Incredibles game coming to the Nintendo Switch. There are currently over a dozen video […]

Nintendo Direct On January 11 [Rumor]

Happy Tuesday and Happy 2018! With a new year comes a lot of new things. I feel like most people came into the new year with hope and positivity and I hope it stays that way. Word on the internet is that there will be a Nintendo Direct on Thursday, January 11th. This direct may […]

Discord and Nintendo's Voice Chat

Happy Monday! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…! While single-player games are amazing, especially since Rachel and I have each other as sometimes-snarky cheerleaders for each other whenever we play those games, multiplayer games can be so much fun. With the online capabilities of nowadays, being able to play with friends who don’t […]