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Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!
It’s nearing the end of the month and I was up in the air about doing a Character Spotlight. But, due to the game I’ve been playing this month, I thought, why not?
Character Spotlight: Barry from Pokemon Platinum by Double Jump
Barry first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (2006), and Platinum (2008). He’s your rival in the games, but he’s not a mean rival like in some of the earlier Pokemon games. He’s your friend and has the same aspirations as you do: to go on a Pokemon journey, befriend Pokemon, and be the very best.
Barry is a quirky, very animated character. He’s in a rush just about everywhere he goes often making himself look clumsy and he makes rash decisions a lot. It’s a good thing you’re his friend. Someone needs to be cool and calm.
He’s a refreshing character as he definitely keeps things light-hearted and funny. The battles against him aren’t that bad either, especially since he’s not a jerk trying to kick you to the ground. Sure, he’s competitive, but who isn’t in Pokemon?
I think Barry was a great addition to the Pokemon games, even if he was only in it during the Sinnoh region. I would love to see him come back sometime.
How do you like Barry? Do you have any favorite characters from Pokemon, aside from the Pokemon themselves?

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  1. I found Barry pretty funny, both in the games and anime. He’s not a very good rival though, but recent rivals haven[t been great anyway, save Cheren. I liked the first 2 rivals because they were jerks, and you really wanted to beat them. Barry’s still fun though, and I like his erratic movement animations.

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