Character Spotlight: Brock

Happy Tuesday!
August is coming to an end, which means Pokemon Month is ending as well. So, I thought I’d talk about a character we all know and love.

Brock first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue (1996) as Pewter City’s gym leader. He also appeared in the first season of the anime. He joins Ash on his Pokemon journey and travels far and wide alongside him.
Brock is the most mature and seemingly older of all the characters. In the games, he carries rock-type Pokemon, but in the anime, he carries more varied types on his team, even though he still has his beloved Onix and Geodude.
Brock is a caretaker. He always cared for his many brothers and sisters while his father was away and when he joins Ash and Misty on their adventure, he takes care of them as well. He does most of the cooking and he tends to always have a map so they don’t get lost and know where they’re going.
I absolutely love Brock and wish I knew him in real life. He’d be a great friend and, even though he doesn’t battle often in the show, he’s a skillful Pokemon trainer.

Do you love Brock? Who’s your favorite character from Pokemon? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Brock is such a great character. I love his devotion to his Pokemon and his siblings in the anime, as well as Ash and Misty. He is just so caring and that is so admirable with how well he does it and adapts to his situation. I can never choose my favourite characters in Pokemon as it changes depending on what Pokemon game I am playing or watching to be honest, but Brock is a fantastic character.

    1. Brock is just overall awesome. I was sad when they got rid of him, but then they brought him back. And then got rid of him again… Lol. I enjoy all of Ash’s partners, but Brock and Misty were always the best to me.

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