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Get ready for me to talk about Animal Crossing for the next year… and then beyond.
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Now that a new core game has officially (finally) been announced for the Nintendo Switch, I can only hope Kapp’n will still be there. Which, I’m sure he will.
Each Animal Crossing game has had someone to help guide you along in the beginning before you reach your town. Like Rover the cat, in the original Animal Crossing game. In Animal Crossing Wild World and City Folk, Kapp’n was the bus driver to bring you to your new town. He was also sort of your guide. Now, in Animal Crossing New Leaf, he’s a sailor who drives the boat to bring you back and forth between your town and the island.
I’ll admit, I never paid too much attention to him as the bus driver. In fact, I wondered where Rover had gone to. However, now that he’s the captain of the boat, I love him. He’s amusing and I absolutely love his singing. His voice is cute and the lyrics are funny. I always feel bad skipping over his songs because he seems to be upset whether it’s sad or mad. He doesn’t have a big part, but it leaves an impression on you.
Kapp’n is an overall great character and I hope he has a part to play in the next game.

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