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Get ready to listen to us talk about Octopath Traveler a lot because that’s currently our new favorite game.
Character Spotlight: Therion | Octopath Traveler | Nintendo | Nintendo Switch |
Therion is one of the 8 characters you can choose to play as in Octopath Traveler. He’s the thief character and has the special ability to pick-pocket certain people he meets on his journey and in the different villages.
Kris and I chose to play as him for our first play through of the game simply because he’s a thief and we really like his character design, despite liking all their designs. Therion’s personality makes us like him all the more. He’s cynical and snarky and has some great sarcastic comments. Like pretty much all of the characters, he’s got a tragic backstory that’s mysterious. He has a purpose that’s not clear right at the beginning.
He’s kind of a lone wolf, despite journeying with the other characters in the game, and it certainly works for his type of personality. Therion was done well when the developers designed him.
Therion, as of right now, is one of my favorite characters. Maybe it’s because I chose him as my first play through so he’ll always have that special spot, but he’s just a well rounded character with cool skills, an interesting personality, and a wonderful voice actor.

What do you think of Therion? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I like Therion. He’s probably not going to be a permanent in my party (H’annit, Ophelia, and Cyrus are my mains with the others filtering in when needed) but I will certainly be exploring his story as it is one of the more interesting ones.

    1. I’ll admit, Therion’s story is my favorite so far. I do like Ophelia and H’annit’s as well. Cyrus’s story didn’t feel as deep as the others though.

      1. Cyrus’s story is weaker but for me, his skill as a mage is super useful and I live his path action that basically has him behaving like Sherlock Holmes.

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