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Everyone knows what an MMORPG is, right? Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, to be exact. I’m here to share a bit of news about a new one on Kickstarter that has a unique twist: your character ages and dies.
Chronicles of Elyria is a brand new MMORPG developed by Soulbound Studios. One of its main selling points is how your character ages, dies, and is reincarnated into an even stronger character. The body may deteriorate, but the soul lives on.
Most MMORPGs have the player creating the standard avatar and completing quests from NPCs while earning experience to become a stronger level. Chronicles of Elyria boast an open world where there are no repeatable NPC quests, no set landscapes, and finite resources available, enabling players to interact and shape the world around them together. Not only do a player’s choices and actions affect those around him/her, but it also affects his/her character’s lifespan.
Every action determines how long your character lives. Chronicles of Elyria isn’t the type of MMORPG to allow avatars to respawn over and over. Every bit of damage that your character takes, every respawn he/she uses, lessens your character’s lifespan. It’ll make players think more carefully about their choices in the world that is constantly reshaping due to themselves and the players around them.
As the BGR article stated: “So what’s one surefire way to get players to make the most of their decisions in a game? Give them a death sentence.”
The concept art and screenshots look gorgeous, and the team that’s developing the game all tout backgrounds from other successful companies in the industry. Gamers and fans of MMORPG’s definitely should keep an eye on Chronicles of Elyria! The KickStarter is available here.

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