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The Clue movie is based off of the board game of the same name, throwing people from all sorts of different backgrounds into a mansion where each of them are suspected of murder. Despite the killings, the movie itself is comedic and it’s a fun film to watch no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

It’s an older movie, which came out in 1985. Our family enjoys older movies, our parents growing up in times and our older sister just being born in the wrong era. We’ve seen Clue many times and enjoy it each and every time. It’s funny with awesome actors and the mystery is one that’s woven perfectly.

The actors definitely make this movie. Several we knew from other movies, so it was a treat to recognize them in these ridiculous roles based on a board game. Miss Scarlet had also been Cinderella while Colonel Mustard was the principal on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. And, of course, everyone knows Christopher Lloyd.

And Tim Curry. He was there too. The movie is meant to be ridiculous and fun. Honestly, you can’t really figure out the mystery either. I mean, I guess if you took notes then maybe you could try, but it’s a tough one. It all makes sense though. It’s hard to figure out and then the butler reveals all and, if you follow closely, it does wrap up nicely. However, there are three different endings and the writers worked it so that each makes sense.

For the most part they all make sense. There is a question or two on a couple of the endings, but they’re not totally far-fetched. Originally, the cast is meant to discover who killed Mr. Boddy after he attempts to blackmail each of the guests of the house. Together, with the butler and maid, the guests go around to figure out which of them is the killer. Personality quirks, to put it lightly, ensure that the plot is not serious at all.

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Overall, it’s a great movie and a fun experience if you enjoy mysteries and the Clue board game.

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