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Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday!
I’ve been playing a couple of different games lately, but I’ve been solely playing Captain Toad, a game I wanted when it was first released and finally bought it just a few weeks ago on a whim.
Captain Toad captured my attention the moment it started. I loved the idea of Toad being the star of his own game and I also enjoyed the puzzles behind it all.
I love puzzles, though I may not be very good at them, but I like to think I am.
I’ve already played through the main story (which didn’t take very long) and have yet to move onto the next. I plan on doing so soon, though.
It’s a cute game and the puzzles are a lot of fun, progressively getting harder the more you play. However, none of the puzzles are really particularly “hard.”
I’ve wanted this game for so long and now that I have it, I have to say that I’m kind of glad I waited. I’m glad I didn’t spend $60 on this game. It’s sweet and fun, but much too short.
I’m still having a good time with it though.

Have you played Captain Toad? What were your initial thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love the game! Nintendo should make more games of the sort. There is an indie aura to it.

  2. Time for adventure! Yea, it is pretty short. I got it for Christmas one year, so I never felt the sting of its price point. Regardless of price, it’s a cute, fun underrated game. I beat it but never got every collectible. I didn’t finish the hide-and-seek minigame with the Toad amiibo either. I want to go back someday and get everything though. It’ll probably feel fresh since I’ve forgotten quite a bit about it already.

    • I haven’t used the Amiibo. The game I ordered came with it, but it’s still in the box. All our amiibos are still in the boxes most likely until we move out.
      It definitely seems like a fun game to go back and play after you’ve put it down for a while.

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