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Double Jump Kris MiiRachel’s and my Steam account has been getting more of a workout lately, which is awesome. One of the games that’s getting the most love at the moment is a visual novel called Dream Daddy.
…Yeah, I know, the name threw me off a bit too when I first heard about it.
Dream Daddy is a visual novel dating sim game that was released on Steam this past July. It was developed and published by Game Grumps, a popular gaming YouTube channel that Rachel and I occasionally watch.
The premise of the game was that you play a single dad who searches for and romances other dads. It sounded a little silly to us when we first heard about it, but it was always highly rated both on Steam and from social media. The graphics looked fun, with the character designs and the interface of the game, and Rachel and I don’t mind visual novels, so we thought we’d download it.
Holy crap, it’s so much fun!
The writing is phenomenal, especially the relationship between your main Dad character and his daughter! There’s obviously a lot of love put into the script, and the reactions and dialogue can be so genuine and natural that Rachel and I have found ourselves spewing out lines before they show up in the text box.
Aside from the little “dates” that your character does with the other dads, there’s obviously an underlying story for each character, from your own character and his daughter to the “brooding dad” to the “goth dad” to the “youth minister dad” and beyond. While the characters start off as stereotypes, they develop and grow throughout the game enough so Rachel and I have a hard time picking favorites.
But my absolute favorite aspect of this game is the diversity. Right off the bat when you’re creating your “Dadsona,” you get the option of creating a transgender character. I’ve never seen a video game character that’s transgender, and to see the representation just gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. The other dads in the game represent all sorts of different family dynamics, with the single dad, the divorced dad, the transgender dad, the gay dad, the bi dad, and it was fantastic.
Rachel and I are definitely looking forward to completing this game and uncovering all the stories of the characters!

Have you played Dream Daddy? Are there other visual novels you enjoy?

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  1. Love this game! Thinking of playing through it again soon to try a different Dad storyline.

    • I started this with my gf, we played one hour, and then got sidetracked by all the other games! I gotta get back to this soon – my dads await.

      • Do finish it, it’s so funny and at the end when Joseph betrayed me I was genuinely quite upset and sulked about it for a while so I can attest first hand that there is emotional investment.

        • That’s not a spoiler btw just the outcome of my own playthrough! I’m sure Joseph has different ending(s) depending on how you play!

          • I believe each Dad has a “good” and a “bad” ending. I’m not sure if there’s more than just the two. We got that same Joseph ending as well, so we’re planning on trying to play it again to get the good ending.

          • I imagine it’s all to do with the scores you get on the dates, I got a B on my last date with Joseph and I think that dragged it all down. Glad I wasn’t the only one to get the bad Joseph ending! I want to play through it again to get the good ending but I also don’t want to go through the same dates again so I may have to just give it a while.

          • I don’t remember much of the scores, to be honest, haha. I didn’t mind the dates too much, and Rachel and I played through them so quickly that going back won’t be that bad. Nevertheless, we’re taking a small break too, especially since we have quite a few other games vying for our attention.

      • We did that too — started it for about an hour or so when we first downloaded it, but just recently went back to it and zoomed through the dates with the Dads because we found it to be so much fun!

    • We just need to play through it again to get a couple of the best endings for the Dads. We kind of failed a few of them, haha!

  2. Great review. I can’t wait to play this.

  3. I haven’t played this game myself but I’ve read so many good things about it! So many people were dressed at the various Dads at a convention I went to earlier this year – it really seems to have captured everyone’s attention. 🙂

    • We were definitely pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it! We like visual novels and the Game Grumps anyway, so we figured it’d be a good game, but we’ve enjoyed it much more than we thought we would!

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