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Double Jump Kris MiiOur attempt to get a Nintendo Switch this past weekend did not work out… Cross your fingers for us that we somehow get one this week!
In the meantime, Rachel and I are keeping ourselves busy so we don’t end up wallowing in self-pity that we still don’t have the latest console.

While we don’t have the Switch just yet, we do still have the Wii U and the lovely Virtual Console with plenty of games to explore. One of the first games that I remember downloading on the Virtual Console was Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword.

I have the actual GameBoy Advance cartridge of the game, generously gifted to me from my parents for one Christmas or birthday years ago. It was probably fairly soon after I had just gotten into the franchise after Sacred Stones, eager to dive further into the Fire Emblem series.

It had been a little difficult for my parents to find the game, but they eventually found a used one, which was more than okay with me. I burned through the first section of the game, Lyn’s story, on that day. However, when I picked it up again the next day, none of my progress was saved. I was a little disappointed and confused, sure I had saved it, but I figured the only thing to do would be to play it again.

The same thing happened.

Apparently the game was so used that the saving mechanic no longer worked. My young-self’s brilliant solution was to keep the GameBoy SP on 24/7, plugged in when necessary, so I could experience the game. I believe I had beaten the next section of the game, Eliwood’s story,┬ábefore finally giving my GameBoy SP a rest. I never played the game again until I downloaded it on the Virtual Console.

Over the weekend, I started a new game on it, enjoying the nostalgic feelings as the GameBoy graphics popped up on the Wii U’s Gamepad. I don’t remember too much of Eliwood’s story, so I’m looking forward to playing through it while waiting to get a Switch.

What have you been playing lately (I mean, besides Breath of the Wild, haha)?

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  1. I hope you can find a Switch! I think it should be easier to find soon. Even now, I think there are some areas near me that have at least one Switch from late shipping. That doesn’t help you unfortunately, but I will be on the lookout and see if there are any online retailers with some in stock. Overall, I think Nintendo did a decent job stocking the Switch. People just bought it up apparently!
    Back to the topic of the post, so sad that your copy of Fire Emblem did not work! It’s so funny that you solved it by just keeping it on and plugged in to play it. That reminds me of the NES and SNES days where you had to beat games in one sitting and just left it on if you had to do something else. The game itself is fun. I initially didn’t get into it because of permadeath frustrations, but eased into it after playing through the Wii game, Path of Radiance. Lyn is still one of my favorite lords because of this game!

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