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Double Jump Kris MiiI was woefully unprepared for this Friday’s post…
So, instead of a Friday Favorites, you’re going to get a random list of what kind of games I’m currently playing!
Like most gamers, Rachel and I have quite a variety of consoles at our disposal to play, from handhelds to the television consoles to the PC. After both our day jobs and our writing work, we try to relax a bit with whatever game currently has our attention.
At the moment, that mostly seems to be The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. We finally opened our box (not the amiibo yet, but that’ll be soon so the wolf can be leveled up for Breath of the Wild) not too long ago and booted it up. It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since the original release date of the game, and the graphics are more gorgeous than ever. It’s awesome to ride Epona around in the vast Hyrule Field, and it’s just getting me more excited for the open-world concept of Breath of the Wild!
On my Nintendo 3DS, I’m still chucking away at Fire Emblem: Conquest. I think I’m enjoying it more than Birthright. The characters are still interesting, in my opinion, but I’m liking the Conquest classes more than the Birthright ones, and the maps have more interesting challenges. I’m about halfway through, I believe, and am looking forward to starting up Revelations next.
Rachel and I haven’t done much gaming on our PC since we got both completion bonuses in Asagao Academy. That game was amazing and fun, as I’m sure you all heard about from us, and we’re looking forward to figuring out what other kinds of games to try out. Overwatch has certainly been on my mind to try lately…
What about all of you? What kind of games are you playing? Any recommendations?

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  1. I’m going between StarOcean: First Departure, State of Decay and Skyrim at the moment. StarOcean surely is a game to try for anyone. First Departure is a fixed up version of the original StarOcean and made more into the style of the second, StarOcean: The 2nd Story.

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