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We’re back with another D&D tale! We got together with our group again for another one-shot, using our pre-made characters from the first session to get a better feel for how the game works. We spent a little time at first discussing some of the nuances of creating our own characters, since we’re planning on using our own characters for a longer campaign starting in a month or two, before having dinner and digging into our new one-shot.

We haven’t quite finished our own characters yet, but we’re not able to meet again until May so we have plenty of time to work on them. In the meantime, I remained as Vistra, a dwarf cleric who was extra snarky this time around.

I think one of my favorite parts of last night’s session was “Vistra” suddenly looking at her character sheet in the middle of the one-shot and realizing that her personality traits included being really respectful and polite. She stole my halfling rogue’s food, for one thing! My character, Kithri, was supposedly a criminal, but I failed 2 out of 3 lockpicking rolls during the night. I made it up for doing some fantastic attack rolls, especially during the final boss. Vistra probably got the most natural 20 rolls of the night, I believe.

I got a lot of nat-20s last night! It’s definitely the new dice I bought. I hope they keep their luck when I play as my own character next time. But yeah, last time I tried to stick with the pre-made personality that was given to my character. Last night, I threw that out the window  – as well as my character when I rolled a one.

At least you weren’t alone out the window. One of our friends also did that while our other friend’s character was trying to stay steady on her feet. At that point, I think my little halfling was the only one who looked competent in front of the boss, but even she slipped a little bit during that fight before dealing the final blow. The story for the one-shot consisted of our little group — for some reason — being hired by a mayor to investigate some oddities happening at the lord of the land’s manor. Disappearances and random job firings were happening, so we went up to the castle keep to see what was going on.

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Sacrifices. Sacrifices were going on. Of course, it took us a long time to get to the top of the tower and to meet with the boss because we were too busy getting distracted (we found horses!) and exploring the place… you know, fighting chests and accidentally getting ambushed, stuff like that.

We realized that there was kind of a cult thing going on and, after defeating all but one of the cultists in the church on the keep, we learned that the lord of the place was sacrificing people to a god whose name we couldn’t properly pronounce, so we just called him God Bozo. Our group’s cover story was that we were a traveling minstrel group, with one friend’s character being an actual bard, so the guards were pretty cool with us. It was mainly the cultists and clergy people of God Bozo that continuously tried to kill us for ruining their plans. It was a shame you couldn’t convert them to Vistra’s god, right Rachel?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I tried, but alas, no one wanted to listen to me when I told them about God Marth (whose name we also couldn’t pronounce so we nicknamed him as well). Overall, this one-shot took us about four hours to play. We have a ridiculous group but it’s always filled with laughter and good food. We’re looking forward to starting a longer campaign with our own characters next time.

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