D&D Adventures: Head-Eating Worms And Snarl

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Our November session of our D&D campaign continued our exploration of Cragmaw Castle. There was plenty of goblins to defeat and investigation rolls to mess up as we searched through the place for Gundrun Rockseeker, the dwarf that sent us on our original quest so long ago.

Sapphire, my character, rolled pretty well when it came to finding hidden doors throughout the castle. I believe I ended up finding about three. As far as I know, we explored every inch of that place. Aside from exploring, getting a new companion, and one of our party members almost being eaten, we didn’t get much accomplished.

I think we’re still in the middle of the castle, actually. Our dragonborn rogue almost got her head eaten by a creature called a Grick, a worm thing that kind of descended from the ceiling onto her as we explored old, decrepit hallways. Fortunately, she still has her head, and our explorations were occasionally rewarded with treasures and alcoves dedicated to statues of various gods. Our cleric wasn’t thrilled, since none of them were his god, but he’s usually a good sport about it all. Eventually, we came across a handful of enemies holding onto Gundrun. We slayed the enemies and, to the amused exasperation of our DM, tamed another wolf by the name of Snarl. My ranger now has both Ripper and Snarl accompanying the party because my ranger dislikes killing wolves. It is agreed that we add no more pets to the party.

We probably are. Sapphire doesn’t pay attention to too much. Poor Sora, one of our party members, got their head almost eaten because whenever we have to enter a new room, they typically volunteer to go in first. In that sense, they kind of get the short end of the stick whenever there are enemies and they end up attacking us first. We all tried attacking it without hurting Sora in the process. I believe Sapphire ended up burning the Grick with cold fire magic.

I believe Sapphire, and then Ripper, were the MVPs of that particular fight. Sora is tough, though, and a little too headstrong for her own good, haha! Being the dragonborn, she has a decent amount of hit points to warrant her love of bashing through doors and hallways to get where we need to go. I believe we ended this particular session with us fighting off a horde of goblins in a tiny room. The room was tiny enough that I just had Ripper and Snarl wait in the next room but without the wolves, the fight was slow because we all somehow kept missing our targets!

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Oh, yes. I remember the tiny room. This was another point in our adventure where our DM could do nothing but facepalm at our decisions. That was another interesting battling since none of us could really move anywhere. That was what ended our last session though. So, we still have some exploring to do the next time we meet.

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