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It’s no secret that I love Pokemon cards. I have little clue how to play the trading card game, but I love collecting them and organizing them. I’m super excited for the Detective Pikachu movie and they’re coming out with Pokemon cards based on the movie!
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The Detective Pikachu Pokemon cards are set to come out on March 29, 2019. Though, I believe, that’s Japan. It think they’ll be out everywhere else by April 6, 2019. (Unless things changed and my wires got crossed somewhere.)
As of right now, the set is going to have a total of 26 cards – 18 normal and 8 secret. The secret cards are, of course, still secret. However, Serebii has shown the 18 known cards. Some Pokemon are well-known such as Bulbasaur, Charmander, Jigglypuff, and of course, Detective Pikachu. There are some other Pokemon that I’m surprised to see have cards made from the movie such as Slaking and Morelull. However, I’m assuming they’ll have a decent part in the movie.
All the cards look pretty cool! I’m excited to try to collect them all especially since there’s only 26 (as of right now). My wallet may not like it so much and neither will my binders filled with Pokemon cards because… well, I’m running out of room.
I definitely need to sit down and go through my cards again.
Something else I need to do? Make a list and try to collect every single Pokemon card known to man. I doubt that will ever happen, but I can sure try.

Do you get Pokemon cards? Will you be getting this set? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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  1. Steff had a phase a few years back where she would watch tons of YouTube videos of people opening packs of Pokemon cards. We don’t collect them, but I guess she liked seeing what was inside and the hype that came with someone getting a rare card.
    There was one game in particular that was played with Pokemon cards that put me on edge. With all the cards from the pack face down, each person would randomly pick a card and rip it. Sometimes, very rare cards got torn up, but I guess that’s part of the thrill. We tried that game out a few times, but just with dollar store Pokemon cards. What’s the jewel in your Pokemon card collection?

    • It definitely is thrilling, lol. Kris recently got started in collecting and I was jealous watching her open her pack because I just wanted them all (even though I have most of them already, lol).
      I cringed so bad just reading that. I would never, lol. Not even just because of the cards themselves but also because of the money.
      There are a couple gems I love. I have a Mewtwo card that I had when I was younger, lost it, and then it came back to me just two or three Easters ago.
      I definitely want to write a blog post series on my Pokemon cards. I’m just not sure how to do it without it coming across boring? I do plan on opening packs on stream though whenever I get new ones.

      • That’s awesome that Mewtwo found a way to come back to you! I also look forward to the Mewtwo Loves Rachel fanfic. Which inevitably leads to the Rachel/Fang/Mewtwo love triangle!
        Opening packs on stream is great! People love watching that stuff and the hype from getting a rare card is almost as exciting as a surprise spider.

        • Yeah, I was shocked I got that exact Mewtwo again after so many years!
          I was going to do it not too long ago but I couldn’t wait for the stream. I opened them right away, lol.

          • Look forward to seeing that segment when you do!
            Also, I need to find a better way of showing stuff to the camera. When I do show and tell, the lights on my desk to make me look good completely saturate the games when I put them up to the camera. If you find a solution to lighting games/cards just right when they’re put up to a webcam, let me know!

          • I know what you mean. We actually just bought Ring Lights. I got a large one for my camera and a smaller “selfie” one. We’re going to try to one or both to making the lighting better on stream so I don’t know if that’ll help or make it worse.

          • Let me know if they’re good! I’ve heavily considered grabbing ring lights for some time. Right now I have a strip of LED lights taped to the shelf of my desk, but that only works if I’m streaming at my desk. Glad to see you investing more into the stream 🙂

          • Will do. I haven’t tested them out fully yet, but I tried the selfie one with my phone and it works great. I got the recommendation from Peter Hollens, who’s a huge YouTuber. He made a course about making a living online and such. So if he uses them for his music videos I figured they must be good, lol.

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