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Most controllers have both the D-Pad and analog stick. The analog stick wasn’t always there in the Nintendo line up of consoles, but it soon became a thing.

Granted, historically, the D-Pad was the go-to controls for moving your character based on the limitations of the games themselves. Once a character was able to move in a diagonal direction, analog sticks became the norm. Remember how excited Pokemon fans were to see their characters run diagonally in X and Y as opposed to just the four regular directions with the D-Pad?

Yes, I remember when the 3DS came out, a big thing was that your character could move in circles… on roller skates. I have to say though, I think I prefer the D-pad. I don’t mind walking diagonally, but I feel like I have more control over my characters with the D-Pad.

Analog sticks can sometimes make your character feel a little slippery, I’ll agree with that. Mario in Super Mario 64 was a bit notorious for that. Still, I prefer the wide range of movement that analog sticks enable characters. I find it funny that Nintendo used analog sticks in their controllers since the Nintendo 64 but they skipped it for the Wii controls. It was most likely due to the motion control that they were going for, but it’s still an interesting choice in my opinion.

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I forgot the Wii didn’t have the analog stick… motion controls aside, I wonder if that’s a reason as to why people complained about Wii games? Or part of it, I mean. I like having the option of the stick or pad, for sure. I go back and forth with using them both and am comfortable with both.

I think some of the motion controls, while good in theory, weren’t everyone’s favorite aspect about the Wii. You remember how ridiculous I looked while playing Skyward Sword, haha! Looking at the Nintendo Switch, the Joy-Con do not have a D-Pad, opting to just have the analog stick, but the D-Pad is included on the Pro Controller. I find that an interesting design choice considering the majority of Nintendo Switch games are designed to be used with the Joy-Con and its analog sticks.

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There are Joy-Con with the D-Pad included it in though. So, it’s something that people definitely missed. Overall, I’ll take either or. But I do think I would choose the D-Pad over the analog stick if given the option.

True, but a majority of those seem to be custom made with, I imagine, the D-Pad functioning the same as the quartet of A, B, X, and Y buttons instead of giving the character movement. Of course, I’m not positive, so if anyone out there knows more, I’d be interested to hear it!

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  1. Couldn’t gel with the wiimotes after 64 and cube. Would love a release of the galaxy games with traditional controls, the application of the remotes worked but missed the directional aspect of the standardised controller.

    1. Huh. That’s interesting. I never really noticed the difference before. Nintendo really loves to claim things, huh? Lol.
      Motion controls will make a comeback, for sure, especially with the Joy-Con.

  2. I’ve had the opposite happen, I’ve been playing games for nearly 30 years now (I remember my brother getting Turtles on the NES and my parents were still together so I’d have been younger than 6 when I first played a game, I’m 35 this year) and have adapted to most control methods. I was a late adopter to the analogue stick though, didnt haven an N64 and didnt like the original DualShock but everything on Dreamcast and PS2 used it as standard. Anyway, recently I’ve had to switch to D-Pad controls for Gran Turismo Sport on PS4 because my left analogue stick doesn’t work as it should but I can’t currently afford a new pad. It functions well enough for the majority of games I play but for something as precise as a racing game its just no good and its taken a bit of getting used to switching back to the “old” system.

    1. It’s hard to get used to one way and then having to switch to the other way. I also think it depends on the game as well. I find myself using one way for certain games and sticking with the other way for other games. Also, as you pointed out, it depends on the controller/console as well.

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