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Back in September, I believe, we started doing a board or card game review here and there on the blog to include different types of games to expand our collections. Now that we actually play physical board games, more and more digital versions of board games seem to be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

I feel like that’s what always happens though. We buy and download a game on Steam and then a week later it comes out for the Switch. Timing is everything. I prefer console to PC so I’ve been waiting on certain games just in case. I think it’s cool board games are going digital, but I do prefer the physical board and card games. Still, I’m interested in trying them out for the Switch.

We’ve had digital board games for consoles before — remember Monopoly Party for the GameCube? — but many more seem to be coming for the Switch. It makes sense, with the Switch’s portability and aim toward casual and simulation games. There’s Monopoly for the Switch, Clue is coming, and there was talk of games such as Carcassone, Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, and Munchkin coming to the Switch within the next year or so.

Yes, I do remember Monopoly for the Gamecube. I know digital board games have always been around, but it’s definitely more so now. I definitely want to get them and try them out. I think it would be cool and honestly, it would be easier to just bring the Switch on vacation with us rather than the actual board games – you know, if we’re just going away for a weekend or something. Though, I wonder why these games are coming to the Switch? I understand what you mean by the portability and casual gaming, but it seems like they’re adding a lot all of a sudden.

It may be just trying to bring the board games to another generation. I mean, we’ve grown up with Monopoly and Clue, the original ones, but there are so many variations of them out there to try to appeal to broader audiences. Video games is another medium these companies can use to reach out to people to play their games. It does seem rather sudden that we’re hearing so much about them, but it’ll be interesting to see how they pan out.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Interesting most definitely. Monopoly is one of my favorite games and I love to collect the different versions. Having it on the Switch will be fun because then, I assume, I can play with CPU characters in case no one else wants to play with me. Not to mention, we now have the online membership for the Switch. I assume we’ll be able to play board games with friends.

Oh, I forgot about the online membership! We should probably use that more… Anyway, yeah, how fun would it be to play Monopoly with our Switch friends? Of course, part of Monopoly’s charm is yelling at each other across the board for screwing each other with hotels on properties, but it’d still be a fun thought. I wonder what other kind of board games will come to the Switch… Life, maybe?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Life was a good game! But yeah, I’d love to play Monopoly with some of our gamer/blogging friends who aren’t near us. This may very well be the start of something new.

What do you think of board games going digital? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I generally prefer the physical versions, but there are a number of benefits to digital games. They’ve been life-changing on smartphones, as I can play against the computer or with Steff on the subway.
    Asmodee coming to Switch is amazing news! They’re the biggest publisher of modern board games and their catalogue of physical and digital board games is insane. Though I own physical versions of all 4 games coming to Switch and 2 of those games on iOS (Pandemic and Carcassonne, which are both phenomenal), Switch versions with online play should make it possible to play and stream these games with remote friends like you and Jason without an elaborate setup of cameras and other wizardry (though I’m probably still gonna try to get that going one way or another). For a few good board game streaming nights with friends, I’ll gladly triple dip.

    • Upon further inspection, it doesn’t look like this first set of Asmodee games will have online multiplayer. Boo!
      Back to the elaborate streaming wizardry then.
      Speaking of, your Codenames review got me thinking about the feasibility of streaming that game so that we could all play together. Will have to test, but I think I have a solution in my head that will work. For now…
      Your hint: “Brown: 3”.

      • I know I’m talking to myself at this point, but I’m 99.9% certain I’ve figured out a way for us to stream it and play together without any physical bits or crazy webcam setups.
        We’re always in touch anyway, but…we’ll be in touch 🙂
        Also, Brown:3.

  2. I prefer physical but I think there are benefits to digital. You can play it anywhere. Also, having 2 cats makes it difficult to set out board games, one of them likes to just lie down in the middle of the board which can be frustrating haha

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