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Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday and new year, everyone! Here’s hoping that everyone is planning great things for 2017, both for personal and gaming goals!
Rachel and I have been hard at work trying to improve this blog, to figure out bigger and better ways to connect to fellow gamers and writers. Because, honestly, isn’t that the point of gaming? Socializing and excitedly freaking out with your fellow nerds?
(Real talk, I’ve never understood where that old stereotype of gamers hanging out in the basement of their parents’ house alone came from.)
This year I would love to try my hand at more MMORPGs. Although they’re not required to enjoy the games, Rachel and I are comparing prices and reviews of microphones and headphones for such games so we can, you know, possibly communicate with other gamers (outside of the game’s chat system, of course).
I’m not entirely sure where to start. I used to play City of Heroes when it had been around, having tons of fun flying around, kicking butt, and teaming up with other players when I could. Back then, I was like Batman, working better alone if only due to my computer being just barely able to run the game. It wouldn’t have been fair to join a team of fellow superheroes only for my system to lag during an important battle.
Rachel and I were thinking of Lord of the Rings Online, figuring that it was a familiar enough franchise for us to dive into and play with each other. Star Trek Online is another world I would love to join. I would love to try perhaps World of Warcraft down the line, that kind of fantasy world being right up my alley. Overwatch is still on my list to play, too.
What about you out there — any MMORPGs that you enjoy playing? Any recommendations, for games or equipment?

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  1. I haven’t played any real subscription MMORPGs, though I am most interested in trying out Final Fantasy XIV Online, primarily because of the franchise. I’d also be willing to try out Dragon Quest X if it ever comes out in the west. The few MMOs I have played were free, and not that good. I believe they were Runescape and Ragnarok Online? It was so long ago. I think I would love MMORPGs, given how much I enjoy leveling up in games. I just don’t like the idea of having to pay a fee to be able to play it or not having access to my game just because I didn’t pay a fee.

    • When I used to play City of Heroes, I remember having to pay at first, but eventually it became free to play (of course, I think that was due to the game probably getting ready to shut down — they had a lot of skills and powers available when you usually had to level up for them). A few of the ones I’ve found tend to have basic free memberships. Unless I find a game I’m utterly in love with, I wouldn’t want to pay monthly for it, either. I believe Rachel used to play Runescape with one of her old friends… He was trying to teach her something, but she preferred to start a dance party with other players in the main hub, haha!

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