E3 2016: Nintendo's Anticipated Games

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As I’m sure all of you gamers know, E3 has been a thing the past few days. I have yet to have a chance to sit down and watch some streams due to work, but I wanted to touch upon a few Nintendo games that caught my eye.
4. Mario Party Star Rush
I absolutely love the Mario series. The older ones are classic and the newer ones (up until number 8) are great and still fun. I’m not a huge fan of Mario Party 10 and I’ never played Mario Party 9, though I heard it was similar to number 10. Star Rush is quite indeed. It’s not the same as the old school Mario Party games, but it’s not so similar to Mario Party 10 that will make me turn away from it.
From the trailer, it seems as though you all play as Toad and move at the same time, but not together. You have your own dice block, roll it at the same time as everyone else, you plan out your path based on the number you roll, and then you all move at once. Honestly, I was chuckling watching four toads rampage through the one board. So it’s different in that aspect and may even make things fun if we compete for spaces. You can also recruit other Mario characters for your “team.” I’m not entirely sure how that works, but it’s an interesting mechanic nonetheless.
I wasn’t impressed with the last Mario Party and while I’m disappointed Star Rush doesn’t go back to Mario Party’s original routes (and it’s for the 3DS. I prefer to play Mario Party games on a console.), it does look like they tried to improve some aspects from Mario Party 10. I’m willing to give it a try.
The release date for this game is November 4, 2016.
3. Paper Mario: Color Splash
I’ve talked about Color Splash before. Paper Mario is one of my all-time favorite games and while I would like a new Paper Mario game that’s similar to the first and second games, I still have hope for Color Splash.
We now have a release date for October 7, 2016.
2. Pokemon Sun & Moon
Who is not excited for a new Pokemon game? Let’s be real now.
Again, I’ve talked about Sun and Moon before so there’s not too much to say. Though they did showcase three new Pokemon, which I think are absolutely adorable, even if other people say otherwise. I’m super excited for this generation as a whole and wish I had enough Pokemon to start planning my team!
These games are being released November 18, 2016.
1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Again, I haven’t actually watched any of E3 so I’m going by my own knowledge and views of trailers on YouTube as well as wonderful spoilers of the Internet. Due to that, I’ll talk more in-depth about this game in a later post.
However… I just want to say that I cannot wait for this game. It looks absolutely gorgeous and you can’t go wrong with a Zelda game. I can’t wait to see all the new things they have in store for us. I absolutely loved Skyward Sword, but this is such a step up.
We are long overdue for a Zelda game, but now I see why it took them so long.
This game will be released in 2017.
What are some games you’re excited for?

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  1. Nice! The top 2 are certainly going to be on everyone’s list for sure, which is why they got Day 1 coverage! I’m not too keen on Paper Mario: Color Splash because it appears that it will play like Sticker Star. I loathed Sticker Star, and although Color Splash looks charming, I don’t want to see a repeat. Mario Party: Star Rush looks like it can be fun. They’ve certainly changed things up again, for what I think will be the better. I used to be okay with the car idea from MP 9 & 10, but the more I played, the more I realized I wasn’t a fan. Moving around at the same time to fight bosses on tile-based boards sounds interesting, though it would have been great if it were a console as opposed to a handheld party game.
    Here’s my top 5!
    5. Rhythm Heaven Megamix – I looked forward so much to this game that I already own it! RHM was their special “and it’s out now” announcement, and I don’t regret already buying it off the eShop! It’s been fun and wacky so far with the toe-tapping, head-bobbing gameplay that the series is known for.
    4. Ever Oasis – This was the brand new IP by Grezzo, who worked on the Zelda 3DS remakes. The gameplay reminded me of the Mana series, which makes sense given Grezzo’s pedigree. I’m not sure how it will be yet, but I’m keeping it on my radar as a novel potentially enjoyable series.
    3. Monster Hunter Generations – I only started with MH4U and was kind of late to the game with it, but it was a great title that occupied me during a busy summer last year. This new one looks just as good, and I’ll be able to play it when everyone else is playing it online, which will be better! This is likely going to be my summer game!
    2. Pokemon Sun and Moon – I love Pokemon, and nothing has changed with the newest gen so far. I’m not as excited for it as when we first saw trailers because we really didn’t see anything new. However, I am still very thrilled about this and look forward to its release later this year!
    1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – I watched every hour of streaming, and I wanted it to go on for longer. At first, I was hesitant for a full day of just one game. That stream changed my outlook, and now I just want more full days of BotW. This was the best game I saw during all of E3, not even just Nintendo. And I can’t wait to play it!

    • I wasn’t a fan of Sticker Star, either. I don’t think anyone was. That’s why I’m hopeful for Color Splash. I think the concept is pretty cool and I’m hoping they changed some things around to shy away from Sticker Star aspects. I know it’s not the same as the original Paper Mario game, but I’m still hopeful, lol.
      I thought Mario Party 10 was pretty cool, but it got boring quickly. The lack of mini-games took the fun out of it. Though the boss battles were pretty cool. I see they’re keeping that for Star Rush. But also in Mario Party 10 there were barely any boards to choose from and the game was too quick. Plus, being Bowser is cool, but he was too OP; especially if a human played as him.
      I still have yet to play a Monster Hunter game. It’s on my list!

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