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Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air… or something like that. There are many couples in video games. Some that work, some that may not work. So, here are some of our favorite ones.

Everyone has their own opinions about couples in any sort of media — video games, television shows, books, you name it. Some are canon because the creators said so, some are canon because the fans say so. For instance, Tumblr says that Link’s best match in Breath of the Wild is Prince Sidon. My favorite pairing with him is actually Zelda in Skyward Sword. Skyward Sword Zelda is not my favorite Zelda design, but I thought her relationship — whether you see it as romantic or platonic — with Link was really well done.

I’ll definitely agree with that one. I love Link and Zelda in any game. Even though they’re technically different and they’re not actually always “together” I like that they always seem to find their way back to each other no matter what time they’re in. Sure, it’s destiny, but it always works. Maybe Wind Waker could be an exception though…

I enjoyed Tetra’s character in Wind Waker, and was a little annoyed near the end how it literally poofed the character into a dress and forced her to stay behind when she could definitely have had a more active role right before the Ganondorf fight. That incarnation of Link and Zelda could have been the ultimate power couple. In Ocarina of Time, I like the idea of Link with Malon. The side quest with Epona and saving Lon Lon Ranch is optional in that game, and I like the idea of Link being an awesome enough person to help a childhood friend like that.

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Link could have gotten with Malon, yes. I could even see Link with Groose from Skyward Sword. They have a rocky start, but I think it could work. As for other games, I’d love to see Princess Peach and Luigi together. I think that would be interesting. I don’t know who Mario would get with, maybe Daisy, but I want Luigi to have his moment.

Dude, Bowser should get a girlfriend. I mean, he’s Nintendo’s go-to good parenting example, so it’s not like he needs a wife, but I found myself rooting for him in Odyssey rather than Mario (although, I loved Peach’s reaction at the end of the story!). A video game couple that I root for is Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. Seriously, their relationship — whatever they classify it as — is the definition of devotion. In the Ace Attorney fandom, I also loved Mia Fey and Prosecutor Godot, as sad as their story was.

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Oh, yes! I could pair the Ace Attorney characters with anyone. They all have such great dynamics with one another that I think everyone could work with anyone. I would like Godot for myself, though…

Ah, yes, you two can enjoy all the coffee you want together! It’s always fun to pair up characters who’s dynamics mesh well together. It’s a great way to give more depth to the game’s story and to connect with other fans.

Who are your favorite couples from video games? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The ones that popped in to my head after reading this were Master Chief and Cortana, Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher, and the timeless Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.

  2. Oh man, Ace Attorney ships could have their own blog post. Both of the ones you mentioned are great, of course – I personally ship Phoenix with Iris Hawthorne just because I’m a sucker for tragic romance. In the newer games, I love Juniper Woods’s little crush on Apollo, it’s adorable.

    • I can see Phoenix and Iris getting together, yeah. All those characters are so well done I feel like somehow any combination would work.

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