Fight Or Flight Method In Video Games

When it comes to playing video games together, Rachel and I tend to have different play styles… We like to compare them to our Player One or Player Two syndromes, but they can also be commonly compared to one’s Fight or Flight instinct. We’ve further proven this when we tried playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds together.

When Kris and I play games together, I typically run and hide. In The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures for the Gamecube, Kris would kill the enemies and then I would nab the force gems before she could get to them. We had to take turns playing PUBG because we only have one copy of the game, but I know Kris would end up carrying our team if we played together in a duo.

Well, we’ll have to see about that. While I was eager enough to find a weapon and try my hand at earning some kills, it was Rachel that was able to loot faster with her wish to find decent hiding spots, haha! Rachel did tend to have the luck when it came to random drops during the few times we played. I wanted to explore the areas, yes, but I was concerned about enemy fire.

I was concerned about enemy fire as well. I was lying in the grass for a while at some point. I heard a motorcycle and someone nearly ran me over because they didn’t see me. I didn’t know what direction they were coming from either. When they passed me I stood up to shoot them from behind, but I suddenly forgot the controls and froze in fear and panic. Most of the rounds I played, I made it in the top 20 or teens because I just sat and hid only moving when the blue was closing in.

That motorcyclist completely missing you was hysterical, not going to lie. I didn’t do too badly in the ranks either, but Rachel definitely got farther than me. I at least got some hit points in, which I was proud of. The only game I can think of that we didn’t follow our usual M.O. for Fight or Flight was in Minecraft. When we played Minecraft together, Rachel was mining and bashing enemies while I was crafting and taking care of the base while trying to find wolves to tame.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yeah, you were actually proactive and attacked people when you spotted them. I panicked and hid like I would in real life. Minecraft is interesting that we switched our usual roles. Then again, Minecraft is more cartoony and the controls are easier and less to handle. You get a sword and hit people as opposed to finding various guns and bullets having to load, aim, shoot, and reload.

It was interesting, yes. For the most part, we have our roles down pat and, even though our usual methods were switched in Minecraft, we almost always work well together. It’s probably why we always sabotage others when it comes to Mario Party games when we can’t actively be on a team together, haha!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I guess it all depends on the game, mechanics, and the situation you’re put in! Either way, it’s fun.

What’s your gameplay style? Fight or Flight? Let us know in the comments below!

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. One of the only games I’ve played that outright states ‘fight or flight’ as a gameplay mechanic is The Last Of Us. The tutorial section was all about teaching you how to approach situations, leading you to sneak around them or engage head-on.

    • I’d sneak… which would turn into a run and then I’d probably get caught, lol.

    • In The Last of Us, did the tutorial help you figure out which areas would be better with stealth or fighting? Or did it give you a choice in most areas? Games that emphasis stealth I will try to be sneaky, but eventually I get impatient. For example, in Thief, the first few levels I did well with sneaking but by the third or so level I was all about leaving no witnesses.

  2. My brother and I have a similar dynamic! I’m definitely more flight, if I can make it through an area without having to kill anything first I’ll definitely try to do that.
    He does love exploring though, a little too much if you ask me. Do that on your own time pal!

    • I feel like exploring can be its own category. Of course, it depends on the game, but Kris definitely explores more than I do. However, I think I’m more observant than she is (especially when it comes to treasure!)

    • Out of curiosity, are you the younger brother? I wonder if there’s a correlation with your sibling order and fight or flight method of gaming, or if it’s all preference and personality.
      As Rachel mentioned, I do enjoy exploring especially if it’s part of a story, but she definitely has a better eye for details in the environments!

      • Nope, I’m the older brother, which seems the opposite of how it should be.
        I think it’s down to personality mostly, he’s quite headstrong, whereas I’m more laid back.

        • I’d like to think I’m laid back, while Rachel can definitely be more energetic than me, but both of us can be stubborn when we want to be. I suppose personality and preference just come into play when it comes to Fight or Flight. 🙂

  3. For me, it depends on the nature of the game I think. In games like Halo or Battlefield, I tend to jump in to it but with something like PUBG, I’m more about hiding and surviving. I once crawled for a good five minutes in PUBG because I was afraid to get up.

    • It does depend on the game. I tend to hide in any game though… except Minecraft for some reason.

    • We don’t tend to play many shooter games, so I wonder if I would still prefer a heads-on method in games like Halo or Battlefield if I ever get the chance to try them. PUBG I just wanted to be part of the action and really figure out the controls, even if I didn’t last too long.

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