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Rachel Mii Double JumpHi everyone!
When it comes to playing video games, we all have to start somewhere. As for me, I watched Kris play all the time. I typically didn’t play the games myself.
However, I did eventually branch out and play some games myself. Here are some games that I completed myself… and that was a big accomplishment for me.
Animal Crossing
The original Animal Crossing game for the Gamecube. Kris got it as a birthday gift. The person who gave it to her thought, “Kris loves video games. Kris loves animals. Animal Crossing… perfect!”
She liked the game, but it wasn’t her favorite. She didn’t get into it enough to play all the way through. I did. And I’ve been playing the Animal Crossing games ever since.
Animal Crossing is a very easy game. You create a town, fish, catch bugs, becomes friends with your animal neighbors, and overall try to keep everyone happy. The main point of the game is to make money so you can pay back your house debt. There are side quests such as collecting all the fossils, fish, and bugs, for the museum as well as collecting all the furniture and such for you home and make it the best that you can.
If you’re talking like that, I didn’t 100% the game. But I did go as far as I could when it came to upgrading my house. I no longer have anymore debt. When that happens… well, nothing too special happens. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed at what I got when I was finally debt-free for the rest of my life.
Either way, I count it as a win. It was the first game I completed myself.
Luigi’s Mansion
The idea of ghosts freaks me out. I totally believe ghosts exist and that scares me. Even if they are friendly ghosts, it’s still freaky to me.
Yet I love Luigi with all my heart, more so than I love Mario, so when a game came out for the Gamecube that revolved around Luigi, I was excited.
Luigi “wins” a contest (a non-existent contest) and gets a free mansion. A haunted mansion. Sounds great, doesn’t it?
Of course, the tables have turned and Mario is kidnapped by these ghosts. Luigi has to go and save his older brother, the savior of Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi goes through the entire mansion sucking up ghosts with his vacuum clearing the haunted mansion of the many different kinds of ghosts that appear.
It’s a simple, but wonderful game that I could play over and over again. I was excited when they came out with Dark Moon for the 3DS and I eagerly await a third installment for this series.
I’ve completed Paper Mario myself, which I’m sure you all know by now. That one was for the Nintendo64, but I didn’t complete it myself until I bought it on the WiiWare on my Wii.
And of course, I’ve completed various Pokemon games myself. Though I thought those games were too obvious to list.
What were some of the first games that you completed yourself?

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  1. Gee memories. I remember actually finishing Super Mario Bros. Some secret pipe you had to go down that actually took you to Cooper instead of running until time ran out. Ugh. I probably finished almost every game on the NES (or TV Game as we called it.) Contra. Megaman. Castlevania… so many. And then we have those endless games like Pac-Man, Tetris, Kung-fu, Load Runner…
    Let’s not go through the generation of consoles…

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