First Impression: Rocket League

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone!
We’ve been using our Xbox One more often lately, even if we really only have a couple of games on there. One such game is Rocket League.
Rocket League is soccer with race cars and exploding balls. Neither Rachel nor I are really into sporty games, unless Mario Kart counts, so Rocket League was never on our radar.
Then our awesome brother-in-law got us an Xbox One with the game already on it. While we haven’t played it with him yet, we did get a couple of rounds in with another friend recently. Rachel and I were… not good, haha.
It was fun enough for playing the game the first time. We each got a goal or two into the opponents’ nets, all computer-controlled rather than other humans, with our friend being on our team and carrying us to victory. The only downside was some lag during the last couple of rounds. Rachel’s and my car would blink and teleport across the field, usually right when we were about to smack into the ball. Pretty sure Rachel’s car was frozen on the ceiling at one point, too.
It’s not a game that Rachel and I are raring to boot up again, but it wasn’t too bad. We’ll probably try it again soon, at least with our brother-in-law.

Have you played Rocket League? What do you think of it?

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  1. I really enjoy Rocket League though I haven’t played it in ages. It is good fun and a bit of a laugh though I am pretty rubbish haha and that’s not even playing online… I don’t want to let down some other people on any team I’d end up on if I did play online.

  2. Rocket League has a really high skill cap. It takes a lot of practice to get good, I’ve played for almost 300 hours and still have a lot of improvements I can make. I mostly just play it with my friends in private matches now though, I’m less in to the competitive side.
    You should give some of the other modes a go, try out the mutator settings, they always make things pretty funny.

    • Do you play it through the XBox as well, or do you play it through another platform? We also have it on Steam, having been a gift when we first got the account, but haven’t tried it out just yet on the PC. Rachel and I definitely have to practice it more, haha!

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