First Impressions: Fire Emblem Echoes

Double Jump Kris MiiMonday is back… I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
The weather around where I am is supposed to be cloudy and a bit rainy all week, and I’m totally fine with that. It gives me more of an excuse to spend my downtime inside playing new video games!
My copy of Fire Emblem Echoes arrived Friday evening and I didn’t get a chance to open the game until Saturday afternoon. It taunted me from atop my desk until I was able to start it up.
I’ve really enjoyed the past couple of Fire Emblem games, most notably Awakening and Fates was close behind it, so I was eager to try out Echoes. I know it’s a remake of a Japan-only Fire Emblem game from way back when but, other than that, I didn’t know too much about the plot.
I’ve reached about the end of the first act, and I’m really enjoying the characters! Gray so far seems to be my favorite, but the little entourage around Alm are all entertaining. The voice acting so far is phenomenal, and I was pleasantly surprised that the game has full voice acting rather than the partial acting that Awakening and Fates had.
The beginning cut scenes and story was cute, if a bit corny enough to make me chuckle at the drama. The male-fighter going off to find the more passive female main character is a little frustratingly cliche, as is the first two to three “missions” revolving around rescuing female characters, but the story isn’t too bad.
I was a little bummed when it came time to reclass a few members of my army. Some classes are back to being gender-locked after Fates had seemed to lift them, so I couldn’t have a male Pegasus Knight or Cleric or even a female Archer at the beginning. Being a remake of an older Fire Emblem game, Rachel pointed out that perhaps the gender-locked classes were kept in from the original game. It made some sense, but with the upgrades the game has had in the meantime, I’m disappointed that this aspect couldn’t be tweaked.
Overall, I’m enjoying this new Fire Emblem game and I can’t wait to keep going!

Are you playing Fire Emblem Echoes? Keeping spoilers to yourself, what do you think of it so far?

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  1. It’s on my radar, but given I am getting my Switch today (yay) I will focus on both Snipperclips and Snake Pass before I jump into this one.
    I wouldn’t say I am excited to play it. I think the fact I have played through four FE titles on the 3DS – if you count the three versions of Fates as separate entities – makes this one lose a bit of its appeal. I am sure it will be awesome, though.

    1. Yay, congrats on getting a Switch! It is such a fun little console. We’re just waiting for more games and the Virtual Console for it!
      I absolutely adore the Fire Emblem franchise, so despite having played the other four games, I was looking forward to Echoes. It could also be because Fates was not my favorite — I loved the three versions, don’t get me wrong, but I greatly preferred Awakening. Echoes seems to be surpassing Fates for me, at the moment.

      1. I had fun with my Switch last night, playing both Snipperclips and Snake Pass!
        It’s good to know you are liking Echoes better than Fates. I loved the latter, so that is a pretty high bar to reach. =)

          1. I think the only time I was overloaded on Fire Emblem was when I was playing the three Fates titles. They were good games and because the stories intertwine, I didn’t want to take too long of a break between them. Yet, with the length of the games, I was more than happy to finish the stories, and I haven’t picked them up since. Usually I’m all for replaying the Fire Emblem games to test out new classes, teams, and supports, but not the Fates trio. Eventually I’ll get back to them, but I’m quite content with Echoes right now.

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