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Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!
Kris and I began playing Pokemon Sun and Moon Thanksgiving weekend. We knew we would sit and play for hours, so we wanted a good chunk of time to do just that.
She has been playing through Moon and I have Sun. Neither one of us has beaten the game, but we already have a lot to say about them.
Difficulty Level
Pokemon games are relatively easy, I think. As long as you strategize and grind a lot, you should be good to go.
Sun, however, is a bit more difficult and I like it that way. The trials, Pokemon-wise, are more challenging simply because of the Pokemon types you can find on each island.
When I play a Pokemon game I usually have my team figured out. A fire, grass, water, electric, flying, and then a different type of my choice. Those types of Pokemon aren’t available right away. Certain types are more common on some islands over others.
I had my full team of six Pokemon by the end of the first island only because I don’t know the Alola Pokemon that well yet. So my types are pretty sporadic.
Sun is more difficult than the other Pokemon games because you really have to strategize. If there’s a certain Pokemon you want, you have to wait until you get to that island. You have to make do with what you have.
Which is totally okay in my book.
The Trials
I miss the gym leaders. If I had a choice of gym leaders or trials, I would definitely pick the gyms. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the trials, though.
They’re certainly unique and pretty cool. I’m glad they threw in something different to change the dynamic of the game a bit.
Having each trial be different from the other is awesome as well. I thought each trial would be the same with a different type of Pokemon, similar to gyms, but they really mixed things up. Also, having multiple trials on each of the seven islands was cool, too. I thought we were getting less because there was always eight gyms, but we’re actually getting more.
I’ve only gone through the trials for the first two islands and so far they’ve been really easy. I hope they get a bit more challenging later on.
The Rotem Dex and Characters
I love everybody and everything. The whole setting is great and the people in the game are wonderful. I love have a sassy Pokedex, who also happens to be a cool Pokemon friend.
Day and Night
I think it’s cool that Sun is 12 hours ahead of Moon… Or behind. I’m not really sure.
Either way, it’s interesting. However, I haven’t seen too many other differences between the games. Day is night in Moon and Rockruff’s evolution is different.
There used to be only specific Pokemon for each game. They wanted you to buy both versions to catch them all and it also encouraged trading.
I could be wrong, but I haven’t noticed any differences yet.
Pokemon Refresh
I love this! I am so happy we got it immediately. I think it’s cool that they show an actual background depending on where you are instead of this rainbow Heaven with bubbles they took us to in the last couple of games.
The Poke Beans are easy to achieve and it doesn’t seem like it takes too long to bring their affection up. The bathing certainly helps, which I think was a cool feature to add.
I do miss the mini-games. However, I always spent way too much time on them since that was the only way to get the food. So, I can take or leave the mini-games, but I do wish I was able to do more with my Pokemon other than bathe them, feed them, and pet them.
Walking around the region with one out of its Pokeball might fix that problem…hint, hint, Nintendo…
I honestly thought they were going to butcher the games when I found out about the trials and no gyms, the totem Pokemon, the various Kanto forms, etc.
But I’m loving the game so far. And honestly? It’s Pokemon. I don’t think I could ever be disappointed in a Pokemon game.
What are your thoughts on the new games? What do you like or dislike about them? Have you beaten it already? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. I love it and yes, I’ve beaten Moon already! I don’t mind the change to trials instead of gyms. I don’t prefer it, but even I had to admit that the gyms was getting stale. I don’t know that the Island Challenge will necessarily work for the next game, but it would be neat to see something different from each game on. That or just bring back gyms for the next one.
    I love Pokemon Refresh too, and this is coming from someone who barely touched Amie in X/Y. Healing statuses is especially effective, and I just love how funny the Pokemon look with dust on them. I also appreciate how the Pokemon respond to you during battle, though since I didn’t mess around with Amie, I didn’t experience that in the previous games.
    Glad to see you’re liking Sun too! Best of luck on the Island Challenge!

    • I’m jealous you already beat the same! Working gives me no time and that make me sad… Lol.
      But I agree, the Island Challenge is definitely interesting and was a nice change of pace!
      The Amie was one of my favorite aspects of X/Y. They interacted with you in battle and, when they made an opponent faint, you could rub the touch screen and give them a quick pat on the head in battle! It was cute. 🙂

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