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We don’t tend to play Rated M games, generally because we’ve grown up with Nintendo and their brand of family friendly games. Yet, when Skyrim was released for the Nintendo Switch, I got interested in the game mostly due to the dragons. I’m finally giving it a shot.
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I have no idea what I’m doing in Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch.
I mean, I follow along with the main quests and the little side quests I’ve picked up. The map is helpful in giving me a marker on where to go, otherwise I’d probably end up somewhere on the other side of the world, picking up an infinite number of side quests along the way.
On that note, I’m really enjoying the open world and the people populating it. The voice acting isn’t too bad and some of the more key characters have some personality, which is nice. Traveling and exploring is fun, even if I do randomly get attacked by wolves here and there. Luckily my flailing combat skills have kept me alive for most of the game. In fact, the first time I died was from a dragon, which sounds more epic than dying from a random wolf or bandit.
Speaking of bandits, I found a horse that was just chilling beside a dead bandit that I assume was once its rider. Logically, I looted the body and stole the horse to ride back to town on. The horse then decided to peace out after we arrived at the town, turning and walking back out. I followed it just to see where it would end up, wondering if the AI was loyal enough to return to the body of the dead bandit, but it went to the river and kind of glitched while it was standing near the water.
In regards to the dragons, I’m disappointed that we’re killing them. Do we ever get to tame or befriend them? The first appearance of a dragon in a game saves you from getting beheaded, and I was like, “Yes, this dragon is now my friend,” and then I had to run away without getting crushed from the debris the dragon was knocking around.
I want to soar around the skies and burn my enemies with a dragon rather than kill the flying lizards. I don’t know if that’s a thing that ever happens in Skyrim, but I would love it if it does!

Have you played Skyrim, either on the Nintendo Switch or on another platform? What do you think of the game?

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  1. If an open world game about taming and riding dragons exists, I definitely want to play it!

    • I would absolutely adore that! An open world, an army of dragons, maybe different elements, skills, and attributes for said dragons… That’d be fantastic!

  2. The Nintendo Switch was also when I first started Skyrim as a Khajiit! I have not fought a dragon yet but that’s because I have been exploring the cities and doing the side quests! The only main quest I have done is I went to Whiterun and told the Jarl about dragons. I would encourage you to do them as my friend who loves Skyrim encouraged me! It’s fun to explore and learn about Skyrim doing side quests!

    • I’ve been trying to do the side quests and main quest together, if I can. I feel lucky when the main and side quests end up at the same place in the world, haha! I’m about a step or two ahead of you when it comes to the main quest, it sounds like. I’m trying to do some of the main quest, if only to learn more about the lore of the world and its story. I’m definitely planning on doing the side quests as well, of course, as I’m a sucker for using those to explore. Glad you’re enjoying it!

  3. Skyrim is my favorite game of all time. The dragon that attacks you at the beginning of the game is not friendly. I’m not going to spoil it, but it has significant part to play in the main story. You do get a dragon of your own eventually though.
    I’m horrible with horses. They all get killed :(. So I walk everywhere. I put about 100 hours into Skyrim on the Switch, but my main file is on PC and I have about 600 hours in that one.
    Good luck!

    • Yay for eventually getting my own dragon! That’s great to hear!
      I’m terrified of my horses (or pets in any game, really) getting killed. I don’t care about myself or people dying, but when it comes to the animals… They must all live.
      Reaching 600 hours is quite the feat! What level is your main character on the PC? Do you prefer the PC or the Switch controls?

      • I have over 40 characters on PC. The highest level I’ve ever reached is 120. I prefer PC controls all the way. It’s more precise, I can mod my game, and it looks a LOT better than the Switch port. The only thing the Switch port has is portability, but that’s not enough to get me away from the superior PC version :).
        After my third horse died I just stopped collecting them. I eventually downloaded a mod that makes horses flee from combat instead of charging right in. There’s also a special horse you get later in the game if you join the Dark Brotherhood, but I won’t spoil anything for you :).

        • Holy sugar, how do you keep them all straight? That’s fantastic! I’ll have to look into the PC version of the game, especially with mods. I’m always fascinated with the mods that people can come up with for games!
          The Dark Brotherhood sounds fun! I’ll have to keep that in mind whenever I get the chance down the line to join. 🙂

          • You can name your save files on PC. I’m not sure about any of the consoles. I have a save depending on what build I plan on using. And since I write about Skyrim a lot I have specific save files for mod articles that I write about and review.

  4. I’ve played Skyrim multiple times on multiple platforms and at this point I feel like I am collecting Skyrim for everything. I bought it on Switch but have yet to really give it a go on the system but only because so many other titles have distracted me from it. At some point I do want to play Skyrim “on the go” though and do it in a Link costume.

    • Glad it sounds like you enjoy the franchise! I’m having fun with the Switch’s Skyrim, but I’m starting to wonder about the other titles. Any in particular that are your favorites?
      Of course the Link costume would be the most stylish and functional in Skyrim. 🙂

      • Skyrim is the most accesible followed by Oblivion. I really enjoy Morrowind but it is a bit obstuse and lacks many modern gaming conventions.

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