First Impressions: Super Mario Odyssey

Double Jump Kris MiiLike the rest of the gaming world, Rachel and I have been playing Super Mario Odyssey since it arrived at our house! And my opinion on it thus far is probably in the minority…
We’ve had Super Mario Odyssey on pre-order for a while so we would have the game delivered to our house the day it was released. The majority of the gaming world was going crazy for the newest 3D Super Mario game, and with good reason. So far, it plays wonderfully, even if the controls took a little getting used to with the Joy-Con, and the levels remind us of the classic Super Mario 64 — different worlds that you can hop in and out of with collectible items to help power up your ship to reach even new worlds.
I like the game, from what we’ve played so far. However, unlike many other Nintendo fans, I find the 3D Mario games as just okay. Don’t get me wrong, Super Mario 64 was revolutionary for its time and it’s a fun game, but it was never a game that I would willingly turn on to play by myself. Likewise, Sunshine and the Galaxy pair were not my cup of tea. Sunshine just didn’t hold my attention at all and the first Galaxy game made me feel dizzy. It turned me off from playing the second Galaxy.
So when Odyssey was announced, I figured it would be a decent game. The Switch is a fantastic console and the mechanics from Odyssey’s trailer looked different enough to keep me interested. I was mostly impressed with Mayor Pauline singing the theme song! The music is entertaining!
After playing through the first few levels of Odyssey, I’m not completely on board with it. Not yet, anyway. I’ll finish the main story with Rachel, but I’m not invested in finding every Power Moon like I was with every shrine in Breath of the Wild. At this moment, I’m more interested in continuing Fire Emblem Warriors or even going back to the DLC for Breath of the Wild.
Super Mario Odyssey is being praised as one of the best games to be released, but I’m not seeing it just yet. It’s a good game, sure, but probably not one of my top favorites.

How are you liking Super Mario Odyssey so far?

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  1. I am loving it!
    Maybe you will get more into it further down the line. I am not sure how far you are into the adventure, but things pick up significantly from the third kingdom onwards.
    If you have already passed that point, then maybe 3D Mario games are not your thing after all, and that’s ok! =D

    • We’ve recently passed through New Donk City — we’re a level or two after that. New Donk City’s festival was definitely impressive, and is probably my favorite part to date!
      Other than that, though, I don’t think I’m into the storyline, which makes it difficult for me to focus on a game in most cases. Mario’s fun to control and is so amusing when you stand him next to something playing music, though!
      Glad you’re enjoying it! 😀

  2. There’s been an awful lot of games released in the last 30 years. Is Odyssey one of my favourite games ever, only time will tell. Is it one of the best games released in 2017? It might just be the best.

    • It’s probably one of the best games of the year, its popularity has no room for any doubts. For me, though, the story line isn’t compelling enough for me to call it the best. I was so much more impressed with Breath of the Wild.
      Both Odyssey and BotW share the same “formula” for their stories as their predecessors (defeat Bowser to save Peach/Mushroom Kingdom, defeat Ganondorf to save Zelda/Hyrule), but BotW’s narrative had more depth to it than Odyssey’s.
      I’m not sure if you’ve determined if Odyssey is one of your favorite games ever yet, but I hope you’re enjoying it nonetheless! 🙂

  3. I hope you and Rachel enjoy your time with the game! I have been thoroughly enjoying the game, and it helps that Super Mario 64 is one of my favorite games of all time. I can safely say that I had the same magical feelings playing this as I did for SM64!

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much! Rachel enjoyed SM64 much more than I did. I like SM64, but it would never be one of my first choices to play, which may be Odyssey is just “okay” to me. The graphics, music, and gameplay style is all fun, but I’m not compelled to 100% it.

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