First Look: Fire Emblem Heroes

Double Jump Kris MiiAnother Monday, another week… What kinds of games are you playing this week to help get through the days?

Perhaps a new mobile game…?


This past Thursday, Nintendo released a new mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes. Much like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes proves to be a popular hit. While I played Pokemon Go for a few months before forgetting about it and ultimately uninstalling the game from my phone, and then not having the correct OS for Super Mario Run, I was a little skeptical for Heroes.

Fire Emblem is one of my absolute favorite franchises, and I prefer them on the handheld consoles. Home consoles are fine as well, but there’s a certain charm in having the Fire Emblem franchise being portable, allowing you to best an enemy army on the go. Having a mobile game just makes it easier to bring the franchise with you.

While I’m not far along at all in the Fire Emblem Heroes story, I am pleased by game. The graphics are smooth and the little chibi characters on the battle screens are adorable. The artwork in general is pleasing to the eye, and the music is enjoyable.


My little team so far!

Besides the combat system, my favorite aspect of the Fire Emblem games are the characters. The majority of them in the franchise have rich background stories and you can usually develop them further with the use of supports and pairings in most of the games. It’s fun and exciting to see which characters I end up summoning to join my team, or to see who will be my team’s opponents. Although I haven’t succumbed to actually paying for summoning orbs yet, earning them in the game for more heroes is a good incentive for me to keep going.

Overall, I’m enjoying this little mobile game. I haven’t been playing it long enough to see a negative impact on my data plan just yet, but I also haven’t had any server issues or glitches. The game runs pretty smoothly, and it’s nice to have a slice of Fire Emblem in my pocket to play during my few free minutes throughout the day.

Have you downloaded Fire Emblem Heroes? What do you think of it so far?

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  1. Good to hear you’re enjoying it! I’m a fan of Fire Emblem too, though you’re probably a bigger fan than I am. That said, I like it quite a bit. It’s not perfect, and I’m not too keen on the microtransactions and stamina system. But I understand that it’s just the kind of game it is, and have been enjoying myself regardless. I also love the character artwork in this one!

    • I haven’t done any microtransactions, and I tend not to with these kinds of games. I’m enjoying the summoning system, just seeing who I get and all, and the battles are quick and easy to beat on a lunch break. With that said, I am finding myself torn between Heroes and continuing with Revelations in the Fates trio, haha! Got any favorite characters in your little army yet?

      • I haven’t done microtransactions either and have yet been blessed with such wonderful units. I have two 5-star Takumis and Camillas, wouldn’t you believe. Along with my 5-star Tharja, who singlehandedly carried me through story mode, they’re my favorites! How about you?

        • I have a 5 star Jeorge from the original Fire Emblem who is carrying me through story mode right now, but I recently summoned a 5 star Roy. I need to train him up a bit. Otherwise I’m mainly using the two main siblings to learn their story, along with Azuma as a healer. I’m pretty pleased with them. 🙂 a 5 star Camilla sounds awesome though!

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