Flashback Friday: Disney's The Lion King

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday, everyone! Summer is ending!
If you haven’t gotten the chance to check it out yet, Rachel and I have been exploring with streaming on Twitch. One such game that we bought and downloaded from Steam was Disney’s The Lion King.
Rachel and I have been exploring our Steam accounts more often lately, and a couple of gems that Rachel found recently were a few SNES games from Disney — The Lion King and Aladdin.
The Lion King for the SNES was released way back during the holidays of 1994 in North America, taking advantage of the movie’s commercial success, and it sold fairly well despite the negative reviews attached to it. The difficulty levels spike between stages, going back and forth between being hard for beginner players and repetitively simple enough for advanced players. Nevertheless, it was praised for its graphics, music, and voice acting, even if the levels and gameplay weren’t found to be up to par.
Replaying this game with keyboard controls brought back a wave of nostalgia as we set up the game, and Rachel and I realized that we had never beaten the SNES version as kids. It was a trip going back to this game, remembering secrets and the way through the levels, while also needing to look up certain mechanics when we believed we were stuck (damn you, Elephant Graveyard level). The controls are also wicked precise, especially during a few levels when Simba needs to swing from ledge to ledge, and were the cause of many curses.
With that said, we still haven’t beaten the game — in all honesty, we haven’t even reached the stages where you can play as adult Simba — because that’s how good we are at old school video games that do not have a save game mechanic. Still, it’s a great throwback to our childhood, and we’re looking forward to trying our hand at it again.

Have you played The Lion King? What did you think?

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  1. I remember the Twitch stream. It was so funny watching you play.
    Unfortunately, I never bought The Lion King for either system. I remember playing Aladdin for the Genesis. I remember the toughness when you had to escape the Cave of Wonders. I always lost a life jumping to a small piece of land at the beginning.

    • Glad we were entertaining, haha! Thank you!
      We also bought Aladdin on Steam and, while we have played the SNES version, one of our fellow bloggers mentioned that the Steam version seemed to match the Genesis version. We’ll probably try playing that at some point, too!

  2. That game was hard. Straight up!

  3. I hated the pixel perfect frame perfect timing required to do the sodding ostrich jumps…

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