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These past few months have been spent trying to find comfort with some favorite games, both old and new alike. While I haven’t found Animal Crossing New Horizons to be too bad so far, I’m finding myself drawn right back to some old favorites.
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When Super Smash Bros. Melee first became a thing, there were a couple of Japanese-speaking characters that rose in popularity. Marth was a favorite fighter of mine and Roy was Rachel’s, with me favoring the speedier characters and Rachel enjoying the stronger attacks Roy had (and fire). Meeting these characters in Melee made me interested enough to find our more about the games they came from.
Fire Emblem was a series that used to be only available in Japan because of the difficulty level. Being a grid- and turn-based strategy game that pit two armies created with characters of various fantasy classes that included permanent death for fallen units, it wasn’t a series that I would have picked up myself had I not been intrigued by Marth and Roy. Sacred Stones was my first Fire Emblem game — I distinctly remember finding it amid Toys R’ Us’s much smaller video game section at the time — and it hooked me onto the series.
I was still interested in playing the installments that touched upon Roy’s and Marth’s history, but considering not many of the Fire Emblem games had been localized in the west, Sacred Stones was my best option at the time. The game simply titled Fire Emblem in North America existed, of course, but it was a difficult game to find.
Against all odds, my parents found a used copy of Fire Emblem but, unfortunately, the game’s internal battery was dead, not allowing me to save any of my progress. Years later, the game became available on the Wii U’s virtual console and I had restarted the game while waiting until Rachel and I could get a Nintendo Switch. It was great to go back to the game, but once we did get a Switch about a month later, I forgot about it.
My love affair with the Fire Emblem series has not waned, especially with me still putting hours into Three Houses. Considering how much I enjoy the series, I’ve realized that there are a couple of Fire Emblem games — aside from Three Houses — that I still need to finish. It may be time to turn my Wii U on again and finally finish Fire Emblem.

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  1. I haven’t played it, but I have always been curious to check the Fire Emblem titles that preceded Awakening, which was the point I – like a whole lot of people – came aboard the franchise. For some reason, though, I never got to it.

    • Some of the older Fire Emblem games are difficult to come by, unless you play them via emulators, unfortunately. I’m hoping that the Gameboy Advance ones will come to the Switch’s online service eventually, and I would love the Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn duo to be remastered for the Switch! Awakening, I believe, was the first to have the casual modes. When I played Sacred Stones, there were quite a few times I restarted a chapter because I didn’t want anyone to die, haha!

      • I know the permanent death mechanic is sort of a sacred cow for hardcore Fire Emblem fans, but since I am not great at strategy games, it makes me really tense! I am not a fan and would restart as well if I played a game of the series where it is impossible to turn it off.
        And yeah, I wish Nintendo would bring all those games to the Switch. There’s a lot of money to be made there for them, and it would make a whole lot of people happy!

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