Flashback Friday: Mario Party

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Today’s Flashback Friday is a game series that started way back on the Nintendo 64 and has reached out to the Wii U. Played with the right people, it’s right up there with ruining friendships like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers.
Mario Party is a franchise that has been running since the end of 1998 with the latest installment having been Mario Party 10 and released in 2015. That’s about seventeen years of this party game!
With characters from the Super Mario franchise, players and computer characters roll dice blocks to move around an interactive board with mini games being played in between turns for coins. With these coins, the players buy stars and whoever has the most stars (and, in the case of a tie, coins) by the end of the game wins. The game uses luck regarding the dice block and some of the mini games, with strategy and skill coming in with the use of items (after they were introduced in the series) and, again, the mini games.
The franchise has gotten decent reviews, although most fans have seem to be disappointed with the direction it is going in regards to the ninth and tenth installments. Instead of every player traveling the board on their own, all the players travel around in a car, and the mini games seem to happen less frequently. It’s almost entirely based on luck as to who ends up with the most mini stars at the end of the game, not making it satisfying to actually win against the computer characters.
Most of the games in the series, however, are tons of fun, especially with other people. Working together or against each other, Rachel and I have great times playing these games whether it’s just the two of us or there are others to play with.
Have you played the Mario Party games? Do you have a favorite or a least favorite?

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  1. I grew up playing the Mario Party games since I was little. I’ve since purchased and played each one. My favorite would have to be either 2 or 3. I loved the costumes and boards from MP2 and the Duel Minigames from 3. Mario Party 8 is underrated and had very unique playstyles in each board from the standard star collection to randomly generated mansions and even a Monopoly-style board. While MP9 and MP10 were novel, they are my least favorite for making the original gameplay more boring. I actually prefer the older styles. There were minigames every turn, and the boards felt dynamic because you weren’t limited to a linear one-car path. I wish they had kept going with MP8’s style in having similar gameplay to the originals but introducing new gimmicks in each board. Great post!

    1. Mario Party was a staple to our childhoods too! The only one we have not purchased, I believe, is Mario Party 9, something we mentioned in the review we did for MP10. It doesn’t sound like we missed out on much with it. We recently broke out MP8 again, mostly because I’ve been watching one of my favorite YouTubers (BrutalMoose, if you’re interested!) play the games on his Twitch channel. We had forgotten about the unique boards, but King Boo’s Mansion quickly became a favorite with its ever-changing paths!
      Thanks very much for the comment, as always! 🙂

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