Flashback Friday: Star Fox Adventures

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I hope everyone’s week went well and that you have some fun things lined up for the weekend. Summer is quickly drawing to a close — you all ready for autumn?
Star Fox Adventures was a game released for the Nintendo GameCube in September of 2002 for North America. It was developed by Rare — it was actually the last Nintendo game developed by Rare, and that fact hurt the game’s praise from critics and fans alike.
Despite that, the game was generally well received, earning an average of 3.5 to 4 stars in most reviews. Most positive reviews praised the game for its beautiful graphics and game play. The game play was a double-edged knife when it game to reviews for the game: one of the chief complaints was that it had strayed a bit from the usual Star Fox type game play style, which was a 3D scrolling shooter game.
Adventures is a direct sequel to Star Fox 64, and features the familiar heroes of the Lylat System like Fox McCloud with new characters, like Krystal the Fox and the dinosaur Prince Tricky. The game plays much like an action-adventure genre rather than the usual shooters in the franchise, with Adventures featuring several lands to explore and puzzles to solve.
Star Fox Adventures was the first Star Fox game that I had ever played, and I was introduced to Fox McCloud through Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. I have yet to try one of the more traditional Star Fox games, but if they have the same lovable characters and similar heroic journey, then I’m looking forward to them!
Have you played Star Fox Adventures? What about the other Star Fox games? Did you enjoy them?

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  1. I almost have a similar story except Star Fox Adventures wasn’t the first Star Fox game I played, but instead was the first Star Fox game I ever owned, having only previously rented the other titles. I enjoyed it, and knowing that Rare developed it helped me enjoy it when I was little. I’m not certain that the game has held up over time, and I don’t think I want to play it again. I did have fond memories though.

  2. It feels like diluted Zelda game, but I do like it! It does not deserve its generally bad reputation; it is a solid game with a few uninspired moments and some great segments.
    My first Star Fox game was the Nintendo 64 one, but back them seeing Star Fox go in that new direction did not bother me a lot. It is somewhat a shame to see a game that is so unique as far as console gaming goes take a turn towards territory that is already explored by a major franchise of the very same company that produces it, but it was a pleasant detour.

    1. I think the Zelda-like gameplay was what made me decide to play it in the first place. Shooting games, which is what Star Fox 64 seemed to be to me, weren’t my style, but Zelda was right up my alley. It was tons of fun discovering a new franchise like this! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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