Flashback Friday: Super Smash Bros.

Double Jump Kris Mii Happy Friday everyone, Kris here!
Goodness, it’s hot. What perfect weather to lounge by the pool, if you’re into swimming… or play video games in front of a blasting air conditioner!
The first Super Smash Bros. game was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. I had never owned a cartridge of this amazing game, but I was enthralled with it when I was introduced to the game from my cousins and Blockbuster. It featured a total of 12 playable characters, four of which were unlockable.
Melee followed the Nintendo 64’s game for the GameCube in 2001, with Brawl for the Wii being released in 2008. The latest installment, Super Smash Bros. Wii U (along with a Nintendo 3DS port), came out in 2014. At the time of this post, there is a grand total of 58 playable characters for the Wii U installment, nearly five times more characters than the original Nintendo 64 game!
The Super Smash Bros. series brought about a different gameplay for fighting games. Rather than depleting an opponent’s HP bar, the main objective in Super Smash Bros. is to cause your opponent to fly off of the map. The more the opponent is hit, the higher the opponent’s damage percentage, and the simpler it is for said opponent to blast off again like Team Rocket.
Although skill and practice were needed to help win the matches, Super Smash Bros. also threw in many unique items and weapons to add even more chaos to the fights. If a Pokeball appeared, everyone stopped what they were doing to scramble to it in case it was a giant Snorlax come to wreck havoc on your enemies!
Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 paved the way for a unique fighting game from Nintendo, allowing players to pit their favorite video game mascots against each other in battles of skill and luck. Along with Monopoly and Mario Party, Super Smash Bros. was a game that tested even the strongest of friendships.
Have you played the original Super Smash Bros.? How did you enjoy the game?

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  1. Awesome article on Smash Bros! It’s amazing to think about how many characters are in the newest Smash. When I was younger and first had access to the Internet, I came across this game on Nintendo’s page and saw Pikachu, Mario, DK, and Link on the Mario stage. I was blown away because this hadn’t been covered outside the Internet yet. For these characters to come together sounded amazing. This game helped me fall in love with Nintendo’s IPs even more, including characters I didn’t know yet like Samus and Ness. And Kirby was my main! Such classic characters. I had so much fun playing with others too. This and Mario Kart 64 were my favorite multiplayer games!

    • Super Smash Bros. was my first introduction to Samus as well! I haven’t played many Metroid Prime games, but as a kid, seeing a main female game character like that was amazing! My main was Link, with the occasional Pikachu here and there. 🙂

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