Flashback Friday: Turtles in Time

Double Jump Kris Mii Hey everyone, Kris here!
Today’s Flashback Friday is a game from the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s a game that Rachel and I loved to play as kids, both for our love of video games and for the franchise that the game is for.
Turtles in Time was one of the best multiplayer games Rachel and I played when we were younger. Both of us have already mentioned this game in previous posts, and I thought it was high time that it got its own post dedicated to it.
This game showcases the ’80s cartoon characters — the turtles, Shredder, April O’Neil — and the plot involves Shredder and Kraang stealing the Statue of Liberty. The turtles pursue them to the Technodrome, where Shredder sends the heroes in a time warp. The turtles must fight Shredder’s goons in the past and the future before returning to the present. The world is saved once again after they defeat Shredder in the present once and for all.
Turtles in Time is a fast-paced, beat-them-up type of game. Players each choose a turtle and use that character’s weapons against the foot ninja and mutated bosses throughout each level. It’s tons of fun in multiplayer mode, and thankfully there’s no friendly fire (Rachel and I were never very coordinated in our attacks against the foot ninja). The turtles have some goofy lines just like the old cartoon show, and seeing them fighting in settings like pirate ships, the old west, and even with dinosaurs was awesome.
The game has since been remade and re-released a couple of times since its original arcade release in September 1991 and its SNES console release in North America in August 1992. The arcade version was an unlockable in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare in 2005, and Ubisoft released a 3D remake of the game for the XBox 360 in August 2009. The Playstation 3 followed close behind with released the game a mere month later.

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