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If you follow our Twitter, you may have realized that we’re currently in the middle of playing Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. We’ve been playing these games for years when we first found Trials and Tribulations on the Wii Virtual Console. It took us a while to realize that Trials and Tribulations had been the third game of the original trilogy! However, that’s just one reason as to why we love these games — while we obviously like to play them in chronological order, the series is great in allowing players to dive into any of the games and still understand them enough to enjoy them.

Sure, we had been confused at some references, but we were able to play the game like normal anyway. We’re always excited to hear when a new Ace Attorney game comes out because as much as we love them, it’s hard to replay them. We already know the answers, who killed who, and so on. There’s no more “A-Ha!” moment or element of surprise when you’re playing them again as opposed to the second time. Regardless, I could play them forever if I could.

Yes, I suppose the replay value isn’t as high as it could be due to us knowing the answers after the first playthrough. The stories and characters are amazing, and we replay the games for them as well as the music. Holy sugar, the music in these games is phenomenal! Every piece of music is perfect, and the way the scores match up to the scenes is amazing!

I hum to the music all the time! I even found the soundtracks on Amazon, but… well, the prices aren’t as low as I would like. So they’re on my wishlist until I’m able to grow a money tree in my backyard. Aside from the music, I think one of my favorite aspects of the game is the characters. Each and every one has an important role to fulfill and even if they’re “enemies,” they’re still friends. They all try to help each other out and get to the truth.

I adore how everyone is one big happy family! Obviously, like real families, they get annoyed with one another, but they all try to do their best for one another and for themselves. Playing with these characters as they struggle to hold onto their beliefs, like believing in their clients, is a fantastic lesson to all — even when everything around you looks bleak, just keep going, keep doing your best and everything else will be okay.

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Yes, the overall message of the games is awesome as well. There are a lot of life lessons to be learned, great music to dance to, wonderful characters you wish you knew in real life, and also great stories. I mean, minus the dead bodies, of course.

What do you think of the Ace Attorney series? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I love the series, as I might have said here before. The story and characters are obviously big parts of it, but I agree that the music is phenomenal. The game technically doesn’t have much replay value if you know the answers, but I’ve actually played the original trilogy at least five times. The music, suspense, and courtroom gameplay get me every time. It’s like rewatching a great courtroom drama or rereading a good book (with excellent music). I can’t get enough of the series, and I’m glad you both enjoy it too!

    • I can’t get enough of it either. I have to replay the whole series from start to finish and in order, too. I haven’t played the original trilogy in such a long time. Spirit of Justice has been making references left and right to the previous games and it’s making me feel nostalgic all over again.

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