Friday Favorites: Ace Attorney Characters

Double Jump Kris MiiYay for the weekend! Everyone have nice plans for the long weekend, for those of you who have it?
One of the games that Rachel and I are most anxious to play is the new Ace Attorney game, Spirit of Justice. It boasts new and old characters alike, so I thought it fitting to showcase some of my favorite characters from the original trilogy of the Ace Attorney games: Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations.
5. Gumshoe
Who didn’t love Detective Gumshoe? He seemed to be a giant teddy bear, and was totally devoted to doing his absolute best for the police force and the attorneys on whatever case he was investigating. Sure, he was a bit clumsy, but his heart was always in the right place.
4. Maya Fey
Charming, enthusiastic, and loyal to her best friends and sister’s memory, Maya was a fantastic sidekick for Phoenix Wright. Her spirit abilities and sunny presence always helped during the cases.
3. Godot
First of all, this guy’s coffee puns were amazing. Secondly, he was always a challenging and mysterious prosecutor throughout the Trials and Tribulations game. Once his whole story and motivations unfolded in the game, it was all too easy for him to climb up my list of favorites.
2. Phoenix Wright
Of course Phoenix needs to be on this list! As the main character of the games, the player spends a lot of time with him, and his loyalty, sense of justice, and love of his friends makes him an endearing character.
1. Miles Edgeworth
Okay, so this guy was a bit of an ass at first, but he clearly knew what he was doing as a prosecutor. He also had a fantastic redemption arc in the original Ace Attorney in an episode that still remains my favorite to date.
What were some of your favorite Ace Attorney characters?

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  1. There are so many good characters in the Ace Attorney series it’s hard to choose favourites.
    But apart from the ones you’ve listed I need to mention Pearly (she was so cute and adorable in the first few games) and Franziska von Karama (fear the whip!). And of course who doesn’t like beating Payne in starting case.

    1. Payne is ridiculous! Definitely one of my favorite characters to laugh at! Pearl is adorable, and Franziska was so close to being on my list. It was difficult to not include her!

  2. I love the Ace Attorney series so much. It’s one of my favorite video game series of all time! I recommend Spirit of Justice, of course!
    It’s so hard to pick between the excellent characters, but I have pretty much the same list as you, though I love Phoenix and Maya more than Edgeworth. Though I still really like Edgeworth. He’s still my favorite prosecutor, with Godot being second, just like on your list. Gumshoe’s also within my top list, so you’ve nailed the best characters on the head. Other characters I like, though not as much as the top five are (in no particular order), Mia, Pearl, the Judge, Larry Butz. and Franziska. I love a bunch of the minor characters in the original trilogy too. While I like Apollo Justice’s character in the more recent games, he’s not as likable to me as most characters in the original trilogy, good guys and villains alike. I love Ace Attorney and could talk about it all day, but I will end my gushing here!

    1. Keep gushing if you like, I love hearing people gush about their favorite video games!
      It was SOOOO difficult to limit this list to just five characters! As you said, the minor characters were also amazing, such as Wendy Oldbag, Lotta Hart, Sister Bikini, I could go on. And LARRY, holy crap, Larry almost made this list! All of the characters are just so well-written and developed, no matter how big they are to the plot, and I love it!

      1. I can’t believe how fun all the minor characters are! The games have such a lovable cast. Larry is hilarious, as is Lotta, Oldbag, Sal Malnella, the bellboy, Bikini, Luke Atmey, Ron DeLite, Will Powers, and Maggey Byrde! This is a series where I always get excited when a minor character appears in a future case. It’s always fun to see what they do with the characters next!

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