Friday Favorites: Amiibo Wishes

Double Jump Kris MiiIt’s Friday!
Nintendo unveiled a set of four brand-new The Legend of Zelda themed amiibos, and I think they’re looking pretty cool, especially the Ocarina of Time Link!. In all honesty, Rachel and I don’t do much with the amiibos (we only have a handful of them), but we figured we would try buying each other a new one for our birthdays to slowly grow our little collection. Below is a list of amiibos that I would like one day, whether they be real or imaginary at this point in time.

On that note, yesterday was Rachel’s birthday, if you wanted to show her a little extra love! 🙂
5. Dixie Kong
We need to celebrate more female characters, and Dixie was a star in her own right. With her unique abilities in the Donkey Kong franchise, I believe she should get her own amiibo.
4. Knuckles
Knuckles was always a great character in the Sonic the Hedgehog games, and I would love an old-school looking Knuckles (none of that Sonic Boom nonsense) amiibo.
3. Professor Layton
Rachel and I were introduced to Professor Layton when we gave the crossover Ace Attorney and Professor Layton game a go. His gentleman demeanor, smarts, and ability to kick ass definitely made him a favorite!
2. Grovyle
With all the Pokemon amiibos out there, I would selfishly like one of my favorite, Grovyle.
1. Geno
Considering this character isn’t owned by Nintendo and that he hasn’t resurfaced in any other game other than Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (aside from a brief cameo in a Mario & Luigi game), having an amiibo with Geno is extremely unlikely. But, hey, he was one of my first favorite video game characters. I would love any kind of merchandise with him!
What are your favorite amiibos? Any characters you hope will be made into amiibos in the future?

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Rachel!
    I love these amiibo choices, and I would gladly buy pretty much any amiibo of a character who doesn’t have one yet. There are so many characters that I had always wanted that are now figurines thanks to Smash, so it’s a bit hard making my list. I would especially like Geno though, but his licensing may be a bit weird. I know he did show up in the first Mario & Luigi game for GBA, even though that wasn’t a Square Enix game. I’ll have to check what his licensing agreement is again.
    Anywho, here are the amiibo I want most:
    5. Simon Belmont – We have Mega Man, Pac-Man, Sonic, and Mario. I want Simon Belmont as our Konami rep, especially because we’d have an amiibo version of it. I wouldn’t mind if they even used the Castlevania Judgment artwork version of it, which is done in a manga style by one of my favorite artists, Takeshi Obata (Death Note).
    4. Ice Climbers – Well, not only did I want my Melee main to come back in the game, but I would have also loved an amiibo of this adorable duo! I still want one, so hopefully they come back in some future iteration of Smash with an amiibo of their own!
    3. Linkle – I want her to be a figurine! I hope that she gets one in the Zelda set!
    2. K. Rool – Actually, I just want him in Smash, but everyone gets an amiibo, so I’d love this one. The DKC series is one of my favorites, and I always thought it was unfair that K. Rool didn’t get to join in on the action as a villain rep from Donkey Kong. He has so many wacky personas that they could take advantage of too in figurine form!
    1. Phoenix Wright – You listed Professor Layton, but I want the other member of that amazing crossover game, Phoenix Wright! He’s one of my favorite game characters, and his series is among the best for me. I would gladly buy any figure (within a reasonable price) of him!

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