Friday Favorites: Arcade Games

Double Jump Kris MiiWith all the new consoles, games, and technology in general being thrown at us, let’s take a step back in time, shall we?
A video-game arcade was the kind of hangout that I wish I had around me as I was growing up. There used to be a few arcade consoles at our local movie theater, the bowling alley, and our dentist’s office when we were kids, but no true arcade dedicated to these classic video games. Still, I have some memories of a few of them, and many of them have been remastered for later generations. For this Friday Favorites, here’s a list of my favorite old-fashioned arcade games!

Frogger was about controlling a little frog from one end of the screen to the other, all while avoiding obstacles that would kill you. It was a very simple premise, but it was the challenge of keeping your little frog buddy alive that made it so enjoyable.


This is the kind of game that gets you stressed out in a good way, especially if you’re playing with another person, haha! The faster the game got, the more accomplished you felt when you finally won!

Puzzles are one of my favorite aspect of video games, and with Tetris being one giant puzzle, it was always fun. The music was wicked catchy, too!

What are some of your favorite arcade games? Did you ever play any while growing up?

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  1. I don’t play very many arcade games, but I’ve always enjoyed the Simpsons Arcade game, which was a beat-em-up themed after the cartoon. It’s one of the few games that I get excited to see in arcades. Though frankly, these days, I’m just happy to see any arcades anymore!

    1. Arcade beat-em-ups were awesome. I almost put Turtles in Time on the list as well, but we also have that for the SNES and it’s not what I remember playing on arcade games. I would love to have a nice arcade around where I live! If only… Wonder how well it would do if we opened one nowadays, haha!

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