Friday Favorites: BotW Shrine Quests

Double Jump Kris MiiIn the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there are Shrine Trials as opposed to dungeons. With a whopping 120 shrines in total, the shrines are everywhere! There are a set number, however, of shrines that are accessible only through a Shrine Quest, where Link takes on a task or solves a puzzle for other characters in Hyrule. Here is a list celebrating some of my favorite Shrine Quests!
Recital at Warbler’s Nest
I loved the Rito Village and all of the beautiful characters milling about, including the children. This particular quest involves searching the village high and low for four of five Rito sisters to join their fifth sister for choir practice. It was a fun way to discover the village’s little secrets and a new recipe to boot!
A Landscape of a Stable
While this was a fairly simple quest, I still enjoyed it. Seeing a picture of a landscape and then searching the world to find the image was how we discovered the memories, and that is one of our favorite aspects of this game.
A Song of Storms
Aside from being named after one of my favorite Zelda songs, this Shrine Quest was just a delight with the crazy weather that surrounded it. While I don’t particularly enjoy having Link get electrocuted, the graphics of the rain and lightning storms in the game are so much fun to watch. To see a bolt shatter away a shrine’s hiding place was fantastic!
The Spring of Wisdom
I fell in love with the three dragons that gracefully fly around Hyrule the instant I first saw one. I remember dashing after Farosh, completely heedless of the enemies I passed, when I first spotted it, hoping that the dragons could be Link’s friend and maybe let him fly with them. We eventually made our way toward the Spring of Wisdom, finding Naydra covered in the evil bile. The ensuing battle to free the dragon was lots of fun!

What are your favorite Shrine Quests in Breath of the Wild?

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  1. I loved all of those as well. The Spring of Wisdom was my favorite! I remember climbing the mountain and being terrified thinking the corrupted dragon could attack me.

    1. When we first spotted the dragon on that spring, my thought was, “Wow, look at all the eyes this dragon has! What a cool design!” Rachel just gave me a deadpanned, “Kris, I think that’s all the evil goop that’s in the Divine Beasts…” ^^’ That was an awesome fight to free the dragon, though!

  2. I loved the shrine quests and feel a sense of accomplishment after completing the 120th shrine. Some people were a but gutted with the reward but I find it more fitting than maybe the reward of finding all 900 korok seeds. If anything, this game teaches you that the reward is rather the journey you have experienced as opposed to the physical prize at the end and serves more as a reminder to what you have achieved than to be the main goal.

    1. I haven’t even considered the possibility of a reward after completing all the shrines, to be honest. I figured getting more hearts and increasing your stamina wheel was the reward!

      1. If you are trying to keep it Spoiler free then I shall stay quiet, but if you would like to know what the final reward is, I can happily tell you. Though you could find out on google quicker 😉

  3. I loved Master of the Wind, why? Well forget the quest itself, it was how i stumbled on it. I was climbing the mountain side near by and kept slipping due to the rain. At one point i saw some mining deposits, and set a bomb off. I blew myself off the mountain side, saw all that progress climbing go to waste, and literally landed on this shrine quest. First time I ran into Kass in the game, and his music, riddle and everything just click in a way that made me so happy to have fallen off the side of the mountain, and i received a Great Flameblade from the whole ordeal. It was epic.

    1. I burst out laughing at your story! It’s utterly perfect! I get so frustrated with the rain when I’m climbing, but it must have been hysterical to watch yourself get blown off the mountain after all that, haha!

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